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Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:nerds, dream theater, obvious, friend zone, a fart in a hurricane
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Comment count is 17
What a bunch of nonsense garbage.

Dream Theater doesn't get you laid? Get the fuck out of here.
infinite zest
No, all it does is Pull you Under.

My cat hair covered sweat pants are a point of pride! Ladies be damned!

infinite zest
How else would the ladies know that you're a cat person? You could just be lying and just stolen a stray cat for all they know.

infinite zest
Besides my ex-wife, I'm friends with all my current sexual partners. I'm poly-amorous by choice so sometimes we do things in the sack, sometimes we watch Timecop. The guy makes a good point though.. the only girl I ever straight-up avoided, and I still feel bad about this, but I was 19 years old, was after a one night stand and I found a Jewel CD on her bedside table, and she had a poster of Jimmy Fallon. She was really cute, but not very funny, and I was like "why should I stay friends with or be in a sexual relationship with someone I can't really talk to?" So I gathered my things and took the walk of shame.. never saw her again.
Same here, mostly. I've only ever deliberately avoided one and I didn't like doing it but her whole scene was just bad news. Other than that, levels of contact may vary depending on what's going on in our lives, but I'm on good to great terms with all of them.

I don't even fuckin' like talking to people I like talking to.

I remember wondering why girls didn't like nice guys when I was younger. Then I got into a few situations with some women where I liked hanging out with them but didn't want to fuck them because they weren't all that attractive, and they were all like "y u no boyfriend?" and then I was like "OH I understand highschool now"
infinite zest
I think the problem here, and with all these videos (although this one is far more tolerable than the others I've seen on this site and he makes a good point) is that it's always the boy's job to get the girl to fuck them, or else remain a "pussy." I've had plenty of situations where I've had to tell girls that I don't want a sexual relationship, even though they totally want to.. and she's in the friend zone after that. Easy Peasy. He just makes the friend zone sound like a Penalty Box for penises

I got the feeling he kept saying pussy with the intention of hopefully getting assholes who think this way to pay attention.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
IZ is our very own PUA. Pics please.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Yes, bestow upon me your teachings oh manliest of men.
infinite zest
At least he's a realistic, normal (kinda nerdy) man and not one of those PUA alpha-male dipshits who treat women like an piece of prey to be hunted down and cornered.

Above I mentioned that I'm poly-amorous, but I'm super attracted to the girl next door. Literally, she lives next door to me. I helped her move in, gave her my air mattress because her bed wasn't shipped yet from North Dakota.. anyway one thing led to another and we had sex that night.

And I really like her, still. Like.. I could marry her. And drunkenly, I've told her that. We kind of laugh it off like "oops.. didn't mean to say that.." type of thing.. but anyway we totally exist in the friend zone, and without her I wouldn't know how good of a show Sherlock is.

The one thing he neglects to mention is how common it is for TV, movies, etc. to hammer the message that there is a sweet adorable Pam for every mopey unkempt Jim out there; until you get some real life experience you can easily buy into the Jim / Pam model. So I see it more as education than these guys being pussies.

There was also a Toby on the show, and he's probably a little closer to the truth: Pam wasn't interested, move on.
Thank you. I've always been wondering what the modern equivalent of 80s nice guy romantic comedies was.

I blame those for originally setting up the friend zone thing, as boys grew up thinking that if you fixate on that one amazing girl for long enough, she'll magically fall in love with you eventually whereupon you'll both merge into an explosion of rainbows and light. Or the reverse instance where guy chases the hot, shallow girl before he realizes his childhood female friend is equally as hot which has somehow gone unnoticed.

It's weird how that didn't seem to exist in movies before the 80s. Most on screen romances prior to that at least had some sort of semblance to the way attraction really works. I've always wondered what was it about 80s culture that gave rise to that retarded point of view.

The 80s were shit on so many levels, and very visibly so in teen movies. The underlying assumption was usually something like, you're just fine, don't change a thing, the world owes you everything you want, everyone who dislikes you is simply an asshole but they'll get theirs, and it's okay if you're an asshole to them because you're better.

Said movies might even try to assure you that you've got the touch (as well as the power), you can be expected never to walk OR to run, you are a winner with a good sense of the local street layout, therefore rules do not apply to you. And, if you were to draw a Venn diagram, the sets "you" and "somebody's fool" would not intersect.

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