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Desc:Two sword-throws and an excessively long sword dance routine.
Tags:meat, sword, machete, cold steel, sword dancing
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Comment count is 17
if daario naharis was sword dancing then it wouldn't be long enough ?
"Hanz. are we the baddies?"
They wouldn't keep making these if there weren't people that this really does it for, right?

That's why I love these. Because I just think about all these dudes who really want to see videos of pale beefy guys in their dungeons, flailing around with swords in each hand, chopping up hanging meat, chopping erect tubes, throwing knives at the tubes, and hacking away at a gelatinous torso. And they have no idea about how the whole thing is just jam packed with various cock surrogates.
Fur is Murder
Wonder what happened to that guy...

cut the FUCK open

When I saw the 'machete' tag in my quick glimpse at the tag area, I misread it as 'manchild' (really!).

Not sure why I'd do that. (though I'd take a knife/sword freak over most gun nuts any day (note, when I use the words 'freak' or 'nuts', I'm referring to the 'take it way too far' types, not the responsible hobbyist and whatnot)).
The bald fat guy doing the star wars kid sword kata at the beginning really makes this one special.
He's trying so hard to look like a bad ass too.

Kinda looks like a really awkward version of a tai chi double broadsword set, actually. Or at least a bunch of the movements are the same. Could be a wushu set - big difference being that the sword he'd normally use probably weighs a tenth of what those things weigh and are nowhere near as blade heavy, so it's extra special-looking.

The blonde guy, 5 stars.
Yeah, I don't know why they didn't give blonde guy more screen time. Clearly, Cold Steel does not know which talent they should be pushing.

The Mothership
what, no 'boot full of meat' tag?
Jet Bin Fever
I miss it too. :(

Long unnecessary disclaimer, post apocalyptic community theater stage set, introductory sword dance! These guys have really stepped up their game since the last Cold Steel video I watched.
Mister Yuck
All my stars for the mysterious blond that shows up at 2:31. Is that a wig? What's with the tank top? What's with the boots? Why is his beard a much different color than his hair? What's on his neck? Why does he have a bunch of knives in scabbards concealed all over his person? Are those tights?

What is going on?
Caminante Nocturno
The Cold Steel expansion for Fallout leaves quite a bit to be desired.
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