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Desc:Classic children's novel becomes low-rent Hunger Games rip-off.
Category:Trailers, Classic Movies
Tags:movie, science fiction, novel, Jeff Bridges, the giver
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Comment count is 15
oddeye - 2014-03-21
This isn't a guy chilling with his monstrous cock slapping his chin.

Fuck yeah, first goatse reference and it was all me.
Jet Bin Fever - 2014-03-21
I don't know, Streep never phones in a performance, like Harrison Ford in that Ender's Game movie did. And Bridges... well, you know.

Anyway, I never liked the book very much as far as sci-fi goes. But I guess it was fun when I was assigned it in fifth grade or whatever. I remember the baby murdering scene pretty well, at least.
Hooker - 2014-03-21
This is a book to help 12-year-olds understand why they wake up with a sticky mess around their crotch. Somehow, I think that's going to get lost in the big screen translation here.
oddeye - 2014-03-21
Never even heard of this, give me the untainted skinny buddum.

Hooker - 2014-03-21
Well, I read it over half my lifetime ago, so this will be rough.

As I remember it, everyone takes a pill to live unassuming lives free of testosterone / estrogen. However, one person has to have the feelings about all these things to warn everyone else against them. Also, the pill makes you colourblind, but that goes away when you stop taking the pill. MORAL OF STORY: Human life isn't worth living without the desire to fuck other humans.

oddeye - 2014-03-21
Sucks that they didn't do a pleasantville kind of deal and introduce the colours slowly of mid-movie, whatever. I hope the movie has a lot of awkward boner jokes in it.
Thanks for the rundown buster, I can dig it.

Unmerciful Crushing Force - 2014-03-21
I was just about to say that, at this rate, Pleasantville is a far better movie version of The Giver than The Giver.

The original was a mild suburban dystopia that actually seemed kinda nice at first. A little kooky with politically correct speech, but reminiscent of early Pyongyang in that it's clean and things work even if they're not super-fancy.

Then you start seeing the gradual rotting belly of the world and how the state is more than happy to kill its citizens in the name of preserving order. However, it was all handled in a subtle, low-key tone.

This looks like Equilibrium Lite.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2014-03-21
Nothing in Pyongyang works.

This movie looks like a really shitty version of Brave New World. I never read the book but reading the synopsis bored me to tears.

Unmerciful Crushing Force - 2014-03-21
During the heyday of North Korea in the immediate post-war period, Pyongyang was actually seen as quite prosperous and industrialized in comparison to the South. Quite a few Chinese also made the choice to move to North Korea because it was seen as cleaner and more stable than their own places. Then the Iron Curtain came down and everything went to shit.

I liked Brave New World well enough. It's probably the most believable of all the sci-fi dystopias in that there the state controls through pleasure as opposed to the more Orwellian fear and repression.

Nominal - 2014-03-22
Equilibrium was a better adaptation of The Giver than this.

Hooker - 2014-03-22
Weird that you talk (correctly) about North Korea and then, not 20 words later, begin to dismiss Orwellian totalitarianship as unbelievable.

Unmerciful Crushing Force - 2014-03-22
Hooker, yeah perhaps I misspoke when I said "believable" when the term "relevant" may have been more appropriate. While Orwellian dystopia is rightly seen as a sort of political boogeyman, Huxley was far closer to the path that the developed world is heading towards.

Vaidency - 2014-03-21
I think it's riding the coattails of Ender's Game more than Hunger Games as it's taking a 20 year old dystopian scifi story for 13-year-olds and making a big budget movie out of it for no apparent reason.

Also, you can tell this is going to be a pretty lazy and bland adaptation of the book from the fact that the earlier scenes aren't shot in black and white. Gradually learning to see colors is a key part of the story and I can't fathom why a director would choose to not include that directly in the film.
oddeye - 2014-03-21
"We didn't pay a bazillion dollars for this fucking eye-popping super colour technology so you could be true to the source material and film in black n' white, Mr. HORSE SHIT!"

Nominal - 2014-03-22
We didn't pay a bazillion dollars for CGI space battles so you could be true to the source material and have Ender controlling a bunch of triangles on a map!

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