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Desc:the prettiest Tom Waits song I know of
Tags:Tom Waits, waltzing matilda, Tom Trauberts Blues
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infinite zest
My vote for prettiest TW song is Cold Cold Ground, but I love this song. I clicked on this very cautiously: there's this weird pattern of celebrity deaths coming in 3's. Tom Waits still walks among us.
I've got pretty mixed feelings on Tom Waits but this is a good one. I'd probably vote for anything on The black Rider as my favorite though, sine he didn't write any of the lyrics and his lyrics are the thing that sometimes puts me off. they alternate between really good and painfully maudlin, sometimes in the same song. When he's on he's really on, though.

infinite zest
My parents would always listen to Tom Waits when I was a little kid (Mostly Rain Dogs) and they also had those old Sesame Street records.. since I wasn't really listening to the lyrics I always thought they were playing Cookie Monster songs at BBQs and stuff, maybe just for me and the other kids.

In case anyone hasn't seen it:



That guy
Old Zircon-
There's a tongue-in-cheek nature to much of the maudlin stuff, especially during the period that this song is from.

Saying you like Tom Waits but not the lyrics is to say you are confused, sir.

infinite zest
Haha in response to the latter poetv link:

infinite zest
I grew up with Sesame St. songs and my parents listening to Rain Dogs. Got the two confused until I was like 17. :)

My vote is for Christmas Card from a hooker in Minneapolis.


Tom Waits is the greatest former coastie alive.
He sounds like a SNL sketch, making fun of Tom Waits.
That guy
just no

Great song, the actual name of which is "Tom Traubert's Blues (Four Sheets to the Wind in Copenhagen)"
Always five for Tom.

Prettiest song: Martha.

I thought that one was called Closing Time? Either way good pick.

My vote for prettiest is Time, or possibly the 73' version of "Innocent when you dream".

But coolest song award goes to the street band version of "With a Suitcase".

link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Igw4B46JFws
I hadn't heard that one. Nice!

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