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Desc:Also to troll the shit out of Optimus.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Arts
Tags:Transformers, robots in disguise, sky-byte, haiku, why does a robot have fangs exactly
Submitted:Sanest Man Alive
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Comment count is 12
Never mind the fangs, why do you have to turn into a shark to shoot missiles?
Sanest Man Alive
Well he can't turn into a banana slug to shoot missiles, that would just be silly.

MacGyver Style Bomb
Well, they are shark missiles...

Jet Bin Fever
because of toys.

The Mothership
Shark Missiles! Fucking shark missiles!
I thought for a second it said Ska-Byte and I was hoping for a more irie version of Soundwave, mon
Now that's what I call a celebrity roast!
Man, I had Sky Byte. But he was from Beast Wars. Did they just add him to what I assume is Transformers Energon?

Also, Transformer Energon sucked. Tried so hard to be Digimon.
Jim Quin
This was Robots in Disguise, the cheap alternative to an overly-ambitious sequel series to Beast Machines (which pretty much definitively ruined Transformers in such a way as to make a sequel impossible) It was translated Japanese animation, and most of the toys were repaints of Beast Wars figures.

Sanest Man Alive
Useless Fact Time: Japan had their sequel series to Beast Wars, creatively titled Beast Wars 2, which went back to traditional 2D animation. Among other insane things, it featured a mariachi-loving trio of Autobots who combined into a big berserk scorpion monster and could barely tell friend from foe.

I mention this because Beast Wars 2 itself led directly into Car Robots/Robots in Disguise, which is why this Megatron transforms into a big gay bat-dragon, everyone falls into slapstick routines, and we get a flying, singing shark.

That is quite the non-sequitor in the first 7 seconds.
Sanest Man Alive
While I'm thinking about it: none of you can imagine my disappointment that "haiku" was not already a linked tag.
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