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Desc:What's the worst thing you've ever done?
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:virtual reality, Upright Citizens Brigade, amy poehler, Matt Besser, matt walsh
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Comment count is 5
whoops, i now see the whole episode is actually here already
Still, stars for the funny rebooted. Loved UCB

A virtual reality of shit, paranoia, and petty vengeance with shit.
How does anyone who starts off in improv end up this funny?
Long form is much better than short form. Short form is that "give us a tree, and animal and a song", just filling in blanks on something they already planned and thus usually come accross are boring as hell. Long form, according to Matt Besser, one of the guys from UCB, is where you go in totally cold and you really do make it up as you go, you accept pretty much any idea that your fellow improv actor throws at you and you just roll with any punch possible. The totally unprepared nature of it often makes it funny itself, but you also have to be able to up with funny ideas on the fly and throw them out rapid fire, as does everyone on the team or it falls apart.

Improv is tough. Until about a year ago, I still thought iw was all terrible, but listening to Matt Besser's Improv for Humans podcast and seeing some shows when I lived in San Jose really warmed me to the format. I mean, it's still 90% garbage out there, but the 10% that isn't is fucking great, and easy to weed out.

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