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Desc:A parody of the doo-wop number 'The Ten Commandments of Love' by Harvey & the Moonglows
Category:Classic TV Clips, General Station
Tags:Sesame Street, Doo-Wop, chris cerf, Thad Mumford
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Comment count is 7
divinitycycle - 2014-05-07
This reminds me of Elvis Costello (in a good way) :D
That guy - 2014-05-09
The lyrics from Pidgin English have a '10 Commandments of Love reference, maybe that's why.

sasazuka - 2014-05-07
Congratulations, BHWW. I have a great memory for recurring "Classic SESAME STREET" bits, especially pre-Elmo, but this is one I honestly haven't searched for or even thought of since I was a kid in the 1980s.

It's one that wasn't familiar to me until the "Fat Blue Anything Muppet" (wearing the same configuration of features as "Mr. Johnson", waiter Grover's frequent customer/victim, but not voiced by Jerry Nelson here as far as I can tell) opened his mouth, which did stir up memories of having seen this.

Also, thanks for saying what this song is a parody of. I'd have looked it up on Muppet Wiki anyway, but useful to know regardless.

sasazuka - 2014-05-07
I submitted another 1950s-themed Christopher Cerf-written song, "One Way", if anyone wants to vote on it. I even used the "Chris Cerf" tag.


(There's another version without the annoying border and icon, but this version has the better sound by far.)
TeenerTot - 2014-05-08
There's a Chris Cerf playlist on youtube:

For your Sesame Street nostalgia needs.
TeenerTot - 2014-05-08
Heh. "Rebel L."
Must submit!

Jet Bin Fever - 2014-05-09
Bad shit is always happening to that blue guy.
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