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Billy the Poet - 2014-05-04

The good new is that Stephen Hawking can walk! The bad news is that he shot your kids, apparently with his mind.

infinite zest - 2014-05-04

What's the deal with so many of the characters and locations looking straight out of Famericlevelandguy and friends? Drawing in that style doesn't seem that difficult, but the similarities are pretty apparent.

Binro the Heretic - 2014-05-04

It's not very good, but it was likely made by a ten-year-old, so what do you expect?

infinite zest - 2014-05-04

Yeah.. this was pretty much me at 10 years old too. With us it was using the Wolf3D editor to make the Nazis lose their clothes when you shot them. The only good kind of Nazi is a nude Nazi.

sasazuka - 2014-05-04

Oh, if you want weird Go Animate communities, look up "Go Animate" and "Grounded"/"Grounding". Or maybe the "Red Card" people.

sasazuka - 2014-05-04

In fact, the first autocomplete that comes up when I type "GoAnimate" into Youtube is "goanimate grounded".

BHWW - 2014-05-04

Wow, how very offputting.

Pope Caius - 2014-05-04

How did the last tag end up being repeated?

baleen - 2014-05-04

Really great animation thnx

animegurl1000 - 2014-05-04


Bort - 2014-05-05

nappies nappies nappies nappies nappies nappies nappies nappies

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