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Desc:He was just like Teddy Roosevelt
Category:News & Politics, Crime
Tags:idiot, glen beck, Right Wing Watch, elliot Rodger
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Comment count is 15
When this was in the hopper, I thought it was referring to musician/Scientologist Beck. That's all.
Same here. I have mostly forgotten about Glenn Beck, thank god.

John Holmes Motherfucker
Yep, totally thought it was Beck.

I was also expecting the Scientologist, I kind of forgot about this Beck.
I almost said "Beck is a Scientologist? How can anyone still be that stupid."

Then, I remembered what video I was on.

I need to start drinking in the morning.

You can be a talented, original artist and still be a complete jackass in every other department.

Jet Bin Fever
I was SO disappointed when I learned about Beck being a Scientologist. I couldn't believe it. I used to think he was really cool when I was in high school (Mutations era).

No "small government" people or "constitutionalists" have said anything in favor of eugenics-like programs or concentration-like camps. That's tremendous bullshit. He's poisoning the well so people don't listen to anyone who identifies as progressive or has been identified as such. I really fear for people who can't reason through this propaganda.
There is so much damage that has already been done BEFORE glenn beck was famous.. there are droves and droves of people who will never use their brain correctly. A horde of broken thinkers.

They just prefer their camps to be privately-run prisons or named "Mexico" for getting rid of the undesirable non-whites.

Yup. Evil.
What is his fucking point? "This kid who killed people said this, some politician said that" Throw some buzzwords around and then....what?
What, don't you GET it?!?

What ever happened to blaming murder sprees on the asshole who committed the murders?
Yeah, Elliot Rodger was a cunt. Full stop. If you're using X to justify your killing spree, then X is the least of our problems.

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