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Desc:Less funny that a fire in an orphanage, but much cleaner.
Category:Advertisements, Classic Movies
Tags:clean, what hell sounds like, really bad comedy, HoneydewWilkins, Don Aslett
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Comment count is 12
chairsforcheap - 2014-06-09
when he butchered that waltz (whats the name of that one anyway?? isn't it on like a million looney toons epss) i could barely keep watching
Rangoon - 2014-06-09
IIRC "Blue Danube Waltz"

MurgatroidMendelbaum - 2014-06-09
Everything is terrible.
I know this video's not by them, it just really is.
Rangoon - 2014-06-09
His schtick went down the drain real fast.
Quad9Damage - 2014-06-09
Wait, he had a "shitting in a briefcase toilet" bit. That's not very clean comedy.

infinite zest - 2014-06-09
My ex-grandparents in law go down to Branson once a year, and last I talked to them they had just seen Yakov Smirnoff. "Very funny man, not a single swear," they told me.
Scynne - 2014-06-09
Why do they think "swear" is a noun?

infinite zest - 2014-06-09
Probably for the same reason they pronounce "jalapeņo" exactly like Ricky from Trailer Park Boys..

Quad9Damage - 2014-06-09
So blindingly white. And a sad look into what a Christian theocracy would look like.
garcet71283 - 2014-06-09
The middle ages were far more entertaining than this.

memedumpster - 2014-06-10
Why the hell would he ask that question!? Why does the answer need this routine!? Who are these people!?

Still funnier than Gallagher.
Jet Bin Fever - 2014-06-10
What a nice young man...
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