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craptacular - 2014-06-10

that music, that creepy dog... nightmare fuel indeed

infinite zest - 2014-06-10

such baseball commercial

Boomer The Dog - 2014-06-13

I missed this, would have caught it if it said Calbee!

I love this series of commercials, that Dog is awesome! The character is performed well, and you just don't see Afghan Hound costumes anywhere else.


yogarfield - 2014-06-14

Boomer I have to ask:

Are there any breeds you don't like? I prefer a good mutt (current dog is eskimo/chow mix), but I really hate cocker spaniels and dalmatians. Because they are shit dogs and all.

Boomer The Dog - 2014-06-14

I don't know if there are any I don't actually like, but I tend to dig Dogs with longer fur or hair, whether shaggy or silky, or sleek like the Afghan, I just like longer locks on a pooch.

That's all going by looks, so it doesn't matter that much, but in my area, short furs are so popular, Boxer, Rottie, Bulldogs, up to Goldens, and it makes sense in a way, coat care is easier.

My last pooch buddy was a white American Eskimo, a big puff ball and very cool Dog!

His picture is right there at boomerthedog.com

I'd like to have one of my breed, the Pyrenean Shepherd, some day maybe..


EvilHomer - 2014-06-14

You've never had a Pyrenean Shepherd?

yogarfield - 2014-06-14

Eskimos have great personalities and fur to spare. I seem to recall you saying that you were your own dog now, but you should get another dog. Start a pack, and then run Pittsburgh.

Boomer The Dog - 2014-06-15

I've never had a Pyrenean Shepherd Homer, and not met one that I know of, they're still rare Dogs here, just starting to become recognized over the past 10 years or so in the USA.

I have thought about having a buddy of my breed, especially looking like Here's Boomer, and there are kennels for them near Cleveland. Last I checked a good while ago I couldn't find rescues for the breed.

Since I run the site for Here's Boomer, occasionally people will send me pictures of their Dogs who look like TV Boomer and it makes me wish for one. The studio wanted to start a 'Boomer breed' when the show was popular, but I don't know what happened to that idea.

Yoder was bright and bold, and everything the breed books say about Eskies, except that he wasn't a barker out of habit like they say the breed can be. He was all companion too, where my Beagle would always leave the yard following scent trails. He found his way back home but was really a hound at heart.

I had Yoder for 15 years. When I found Furries, I'd hoped that I could do Doggie things with them like going around being Dogs, but I've had few experiences where I can get that feeling.


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