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Desc:Zip ahead to 14:00 This is one of the most amazing interviews with a comedian I've ever heard.
Category:Humor, Arts
Tags:Joe Rogan, ghetto, stand up comedy, Ms. Pat, all manner of holy shit
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Comment count is 16
Rogan is completely flummoxed through most of the interview
ms pat: some real shit
joe brogan: woww huh? wow
mp: some more about the struggle
jb: wowwwww its like aliens and mind control
mp: ...
Yeah, Joe should have known when to just let her talk instead of cutting in to try and make it a profound statement on all of humanity.

Yeah he's an infowars mong but she's pretty fantastic. If you just don't let him flap his dumbass trap too long its a great interview.

It's nearly 3 hours.
infinite zest
I'll admit that I skipped a bunch, but 39:00-40:06.

infinite zest
Someone told me that Joe Rogan's a big fan of DMT. That's cool. I just know him as the guy from Newsradio and the host of that Let's Eat Roaches show. He sounds like a really cool guy.
He's the Official Bro of poeTV.

infinite zest
Yeah. I always used the term "Supercollege" but same thing. Just a person who I thought I wouldn't want anything to do with, and thought he'd never want anything to do with me. I was hipster and he was a Supercollege. This was like my one semester in the dorms before I moved to a cooperative but I was kind of jealous. He got all the girls, could do a keg stand and kicked ass at ultimate frisbee, while I was in my room practicing the bassoon looking out the window. In a new state with no friends he was the first person to knock on my door and ask me if I wanted to hang out.

She cute.
You are seriously not kidding. This is fucking amazing. What an incredible woman.
My mind is blown already at almost 19 minutes in.

This is incredibly good.
Architeuthis Tux
Wow, she's awesome...

And then Joe Rogan starts talking. Could someone do an edit of this to surgical remove him? Preferably without anesthetics.
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