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Desc:The single most chilling visit to the doctor a child has ever had
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:Doctor, creepy, Found Footage Festival, ugly kid
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Comment count is 15
What the hell is this?
Caminante Nocturno
It appears to be a video made to help children who are afraid of visiting the doctor.

It doesn't appear to be very good at that.

I'm not liking FFF as much as EIT.
Doesn't help that FFF found it necessary to have dorks talking over a lot of their best footage for a long time.

The Townleybomb
-1 because I'm sure as hell not the one who told them to start editing this shit.
That should be a nickname for Glen Beck!
FFF is like store brand soda compared to EIT's name brand version.

FFF, like Mr. Pibb, might be ok with alcohol.
Sudan no1
fuck youse guys, more found footage clips = better
Sudan no1
what I mean to say is, more people unearthing shit-gold like this is a good thing.

Yep, totally. Doesn't matter who was doing it first (FFF has been around for 5 years actually but TV Carnage has everyone beat by decades so they win by that measure). But yes, competition is good for everyone. More found footage weirdness = good for Earth.

Syd Midnight
EiT wouldn't have mixed it any better so who cares who made it, FFF is good too.

I agree that more crap = better, but a couple of those EIT guys are excellent fucking editors.

I prefer to think of RIT as one man in a control booth. He even does his editing with a video toaster.

err EIT i mean.

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