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Desc:'I live.. again'
Category:Video Games, Horror
Tags:undead, cowboy, flare, caleb, DOS
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Caminante Nocturno
The version I played didn't have any cutscenes in it. I'm sort of glad about that.
This must've been some super duper CD-ROM version I couldn't find. The last 10 seconds were pretty neat though. Apart from that...

Where are you now, 3D Realms? :(
Any minute now they will deliver us Duke Nukem Forever.

Much love for this game. And yeah, I couldn't get the cutscenes to play under Windows XP. No great loss.

I always thought the flare gun was one of the best guns in any FPS. AH IT BURNS AH AH AH AH!
The Train level was my favorite.

Nostalgia aside, I wish more game designers would inject more personality in their games.

The Mothership
Train level was fun, but every level was fun; especially in multiplayer deathmatches.

I am a lost soul, I shoot my boss with golden balls.
Reefer Fez
I only played the free download version. Where did I get it? Happypuppy.com
It's pretty creepy how many of us owe so many of our childhood gaming memories to JDR.

This makes me want to dig out the CD and reinstall this.
When I first got this game, my 486DX was so crappy, I couldn't run it properly. Now my computer is super powerful... but, alas, it doesn't run the game properly. Cruel fate. I loved this damn game.

"Strangers in the niggghhhhttt"
DOSBox is your friend. http://www.dosbox.com/

Awesome game, boring video. Every FPS boss since Wolfenstein: Shoot, strafe behind wall, repeat until victory.

Also, has there ever been a weapon as badass as an aerosol can and a lighter? (Hint: No)
Mike Tyson?!
What is a classic 2.5D FPS without a Evil Dead reference spoken by the main character?
cool game..love the DOS screen anticipation
Neat to see, but christ did he have to take so long killing the spiders?

Blood 2 was probably the best/worst example of pointless shitty transitions from sprites to 3D.
William Burns
IIII like
crackers and snacks!
Crackers and snacks!
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