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Desc:for realz (too realz for73Q)
Category:Humor, Educational
Tags:Hood, WaWa, lackthereof
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Comment count is 18
jangbones - 2014-08-09
The one on Columbus by the strip clubs and the ramp to 95 is definitely in the hood. Progress!
exy - 2014-08-09
On the one hand they're making an ad for free, but on the other it seems pretty fun-lovin'. Or else WaWa could teach some companies a thing or two about astroturfing. Either way, fuck it. 5 for weird.
exy - 2014-08-09
Actually on a second viewing I take it back. It's an insightful socioeconomic commentary which raises more questions than it provides answers. SHOULD Wawa come into the hood given the risks involved? No simple answers in life.

oddeye - 2014-08-09
It's just a joke video dude.

exy - 2014-08-10

Old People - 2014-08-09
Nutritionally vacant food and abusive labor practices aside, Wawa really is pretty goddamn good.
For those who don't know the 'Wa, it's a northeastern convenience store/gas station chain primarily located in Penn, Jersey, and lil ol punk-ass Delaware, known for really good coffee, tolerable sandwiches, and decent service coupled with affordable prices. Its name comes from the "wa-wa" sound made by flying geese- the logo has always incorporated a goose or geese in flight. You can be pretty high or drunk and they don't care as long as you don't knock anything over; if you do, or if you sass, the night manager (Tyrone, 6'3", 235) will do some shit to your elbow that he learned in the Army.
infinite zest - 2014-08-09
I used to work at this little place called Stop & Shop in Madison, WI, and there was always some concern that we'd get in trouble because of the big east coast chain with the same name. Cheapest cigarettes on the street and brillo pads were a dollar a piece, if you know what I mean. So our boss told us we should change it to "Wah Wah," beating suggestions like "Buy Something or Fuck Off" and the like. We had a sign in plain view of the customers saying "if you're going to drink, don't drink so much that you can't do your job.." and the owners could play a game where they'd just get wasted and do a scavenger hunt for the most expired product in the store. it was pretty chill. I miss that job.

Old People - 2014-08-09
Why'd yall end up going with "Wah Wah"? I mean, it's a good name, but to people who aren't from the dark and boring places where I grew up, the name wouldn't mean much.
As long as we're doing workplace CSBs, when I was a young Old Person, working as a landscaper during the summer, I used to use my breaks to visit my boy who worked at Woolworth's (this was a long fucking time ago, the late 90s) so we could liberate sodas in the back room (he'd also let me and my girlfriend fuck back there, on top of the pallets of Grape Crush). One time I walked in and the poor little bastard was at the absolute top rung of a giant stepladder, defying safety regs and common sense, hanging cheap bikes from the ceiling. The ladder was swaying, my friend's eyes were bulging with fear as he stretched out his skinny little arms to raise the bike, and I swear some crappy 80s song was on the store PA with the chorus "If I could only reach higher".

infinite zest - 2014-08-09
Oh we never changed the name.. that was just our boss' idea. His "wah wah" was like the pedal. The people upstairs were in a sort of jam band and would play shows up there and were called Space Camp, so one day we received a letter from NASA telling them to knock it off. We just figured we were next on the chopping block and joked about it. As far as I know it's still the same but I think it's more like a regular convenience store, which is kind of a shame.

On a side note, that name would've gone over pretty well; lots of Madison students are East Coast transplants.. there's a long history that I won't get into, but I'll bet a lot of people would've gotten that joke.

Miss Henson's 6th grade class - 2014-08-09
Charming. But I actually thought that this was about that water-poising scare in Toledo or the fact that Detroit's been cutting off people behind on their utilities.
Oscar Wildcat - 2014-08-09
See, we're a couple of fools, I thought so as well. Who needs water when you have malt liquor?

The Mothership - 2014-08-09
Girl's got flow.
Senator_Unger - 2014-08-09
Wawa's business strategy seems to be concentrating on opening "Super Wawas" that have gas stations. They are even closing down their first Wawa to make room for a Super Wawa. I doubt they would be able to find the space to build a Super Wawa, much less get through the associated red tape of opening one in the hood.

They should also rap about how there are no Sheetz in the suburbs.
Robin Kestrel - 2014-08-09
WaWa is the only place you can get Krispy Kremes around here. We seem to have about nine Turkey Hills for every one WaWa, though.
memedumpster - 2014-08-09
You don't have... Krispy Kreme... you know... stores? Like, that's what they are and sell and are called Krispy Kreme?

Are you in Somalia?

Robin Kestrel - 2014-08-09
Yeah, if I want to drive two hours to Philly or Scranton.

Herr Matthias - 2014-08-09
I believe the final shot was of the one on 73 in Pennsauken, which is at least adjacent to the hood.
jangbones - 2014-08-10
I was mugged in Pennsauken...twice. In five minutes.

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