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Desc:Ignore the other one, it's the wrong thing
Category:Classic TV Clips, Arts
Tags:Chef, mcdonalds, fast food, julia child, nutritionists
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Comment count is 11
Eh, did McD really change fry oils for health reasons?

I'd find it much more believable that it was changed because processed corn oil is much, MUCH cheaper than tallow and lard.
i think they changed from animal oil (lard) to vegetable oil... however shes confused, because they changed to Hydrogenated vegetable oil, which is healthy vegetable oil artificially saturated so that it becomes even more thick and unhealthy as lard previously was...

so yes, they changed and now the fries taste better and are less healthy for you, so this lady got things exactly backwards

no, they don't taste better.

and I've never tasted the old fries.

It's just a basic law of nature that potatoes fried in animal fat are like heroin.

Didn't they take away the hydrogenated oils at this point? There is really nothing good about those.

1995? no.

like a decade too early.

There's a bit of information about this in a documentary called Fathead. It's up on youtube.

It's possible that she may be remembering McDonald's fries from a much earlier time in the chain's history. Even though this was filmed in 1995, people her age tend to talk about stuff from decades earlier as if it happened yesterday. It's just a hunch.

Killer Joe
I thought it had something to do with the fries being called vegetarian, and pissing of hindus, vegans, etc.
The fries were never called vegetarian - but they weren't also not called NOT vegetarian.

Do we have the full episode of Julia Child where she just makes french fries? It's fantastic. She teaches you everything about the process.
Done! Thanks for suggesting it.

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