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Desc:Thanks but I think I'll take the stairs
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:dance, therapy, DrGravely
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free energy device
Comment count is 11
Probably start at like 50s in if you are impatient, assholes, but why not watch the whole thing and maybe learn something, bitch?
The Mothership
dude you ok?

He's going to be this pissy until the TF2 video is off the front page.

Isn't TF2 great?

oh dude i would do some dance therapy with her aka have gross smelling sex with her cause i bet we both drunk too much coffee and are also lousy with sweat also she'd never agree but still i mean it would be gross
That guy
you could pull that down

Maggot Brain
There is this whole sub-set of youtube videos where some gay college kids are dancing naked in the elevator of their dorm around 2am. Why isn't this that?
Jet Bin Fever
benobve should find and marry this woman.
hahaha. He knows a lift for every occasion.

Lady, I need to get to the fifth floor.
Can't....stop....doing...the monkey
I am glad that even the relatively-geriatric elevator in my condo starts to forcibly close the door with a loud beep after about 30 seconds.
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