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Desc:What goes in the Hopper sometimes stays in the Hopper
Category:Video Games
Tags:Anime, Japan, Tetris, dmt, Madoka Magica
Submitted:infinite zest
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Comment count is 14

Americans who like Japan.

needs Madoka Magica tag
infinite zest

Caminante Nocturno
Mami shot first!
The shapeshifter Han Solo shot at Greedo, but Greedo shot him and then took his identity. Greedo had a history of using different aliases, ranging from Freddo all the way to Alberto.

Sanest Man Alive
Silly zest, it should be obvious by now that the hopper gods are contrarian little fucks.
This series was so fucking great.
Kid Fenris
This series is among the dozen or so perfectly interesting anime shows that I watched for one episode and then never picked up again. And it wasn't bad, either! It had promise despite the cutesy-wootsy characters (whose appearance is part of the underlying point, after all). I just didn't go back to it. I am no good as an anime nerd.
The first two episodes are completely unrepresentative of the rest of the show. You should go back to it if you're ever bored one day. It's worth it. I detest 99% of anime but good lord Madoka was great.

As for the cutesy character designs, it's all part of one of the most brilliantly deceptive ruses I've ever seen pulled off.

sometimes you gotta slog through the buildup episodes for the payoff.

And it is one hell of a payoff.

I should not get a boner looking at llamas.
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