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Desc:I don't listen to women, I tell them to shut up.
Category:News & Politics, News & Politics
Tags:Mr. Clean Up
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Comment count is 18
Jet Bin Fever
My God, this is trailer park boys.
Prickly Pete
Wow, looking at it like that actually makes me like the guy.

The Mothership
Why would you dump good wood? Lumber has a million uses!

Also what an ass.
Dread Pirate Roberts
I know! He could've made giant wooden balls!

I've seen dipshits like this before. What they're usually trying to do is dumping shit on someone else's property and then trying to get you to pay them to come get their own shit that they dumped there under the assumption that anyone would be that dumb to do such a thing. They're also usually this stupid and out of it. There was a case here locally of something similar where a guy with a professional towing truck would tow vehicles into neighborhoods and then leave the cars in front of people's houses and try to say that they had to pay him to pick it up because they "asked for the car to be dropped there or some shit" and it was so retardedly illegal that they were sued by the city in about 10 seconds.
I'm pretty sure this guy is borderline autistic.
From the accent I'd say borderline Canadian.

assburgers, etc
This man should be 2012's joe the plumber.
Caminante Nocturno
He does seem like the sort of person who would vote entirely out of spite.

By what way?

Exactly what way?
Ehorse? His name... his name is Ehorse?
Ihor Stetkewycz. I thought it was Ehorse as as well.

http://www.wxyz.com/dpp/news/region/detroit/7-action-news-work s-to-help-residents-get-dumped-tree-cleared-from-their-street

I'm not a violent person. In fact, I'm quite a wuss. But it would take all my resolve to not punch that guy in the eye.
Look at it this way, you can stop watching the video but he has to be that guy forever.

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