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Desc:Wrap your lower body in latex. Ken-doll level nsfw-ish.
Category:Advertisements, Science & Technology
Tags:infomercial, condom, latex, Scroguard, body wrap
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Comment count is 29
Killer Joe
9 foot amazons always trying to get at my scro.
I think they should just make it out of studded black leather. That seems more socially acceptable to a new partner than a latex barrier that screams "MY ANACONDA DON'T WANT NONE 'CUZ YOU MIGHT HAVE PLAGUE, HON!"
These things have been around since the 80s.
Although oddly enough they didn't get patented until 2000:


I first heard of them in middle school (it was either a health class pamphlet or a Newsweek story about AIDS, I forget which), so that would have been 1990 or 1991.

For you First of the New Men. For you.

But truly, the comments in this thread are much higher comedy than I expected, and my expectations where significant.

Any guy experience the synthetic love tunnel that is female condoms? I have heard they're not as good as sheep skins, but better feeling than the regular raincoat. Supposed safety also improved.

Just asking, for a friend.. pussy don't come around much anymore.

wrong reply, meant for Adham Nu'man.

That's good because I had no idea what you were on about.

Adham Nu'man
Have not had the pleasure no. I've been pretty monastic since I stopped drinking. I think I'll someday achieve Sainthood.

The Mothership
It's like a second skin, she'll never notice or be offended.
Adham Nu'man
They won't, they're pros.

Robin Kestrel
See, this is why Flex Seal should make flesh tone versions.
"Oh baby, let's do it!"
"Uhm..., what is THAT?"
"Oh, that's my Scroguard, it protects me from your skanky past."
"Riiiight, so you..., you're not hiding a carnivorous herpes worm hive under that thing?"
"No, it's to protect ME from YO... where you going?"
"Stand back and I wont pepper spray you, that's the only warning you get."
"That's not pepper spray, it's lysol and a bic lightAAAARRGGHH!H!!!!"
"Fucking told you, worm host."
Jet Bin Fever
This is so hilarious and misinformed. I guess it's made for crabs? Because, condoms will prevent a whole hell of a lot of other things, and skin is really good barrier to most STDs. I guess some people are really worried about crabs.
It's in case you just can't resist that sexpot of an Ebloa victim you passed in the alley.


2015 product, 1995 rendering!
I am disappointed that it's not available in stores!
What is this supposed to protect me from that a condom won't?

infinite zest
Yeah I'm really not sure either. I mean, if someone's really wet but has an infection, there might be some run-off and cause a rash around the pelvis but I don't even think that's the case. I was dating this girl and we had unprotected sex once we established a relationship, but I'd get some sort of rash that didn't really bother me or hurt, but I just figured it was something unrelated.

herpes. you people scare me.

Adham Nu'man
"I always play it safe and assume that the girl I'm about to sleep with has herpes... That way, I don't have to tell her about my herpes" - Anthony Jeselnik

Is it common for a dude to lie on his stomach while a woman removes his pants? And then, oh hey, he's wearing a latex diaper, of course. It's washable! Explosion!
Ohhh. Sex must be so mcuch better wearing latex undies which keep one's balls from swinging free.

Come on! We live in a world where we can't get guys to wear condoms to save their lives . . who the hell thinks anyone would wear this absurdity to keep from . .umm having their balls . . uhhh. Umm. Touch a lady?
guys don't wear condoms?

Have I been doing it wrong all this time?

infinite zest
I say it all depends. I do if I figure it's going to be a one-nighter, so I carry a bunch around everywhere I go.

infinite zest
Jeez, cold day on the set?
I *suspect* this is a fetish thing. It needs to be.
this has to be the worst CGI i've ever seen
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