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Desc: Brad Pitt sits down with Zach Galifianakis for his second most memorable interview yet
Tags:Zach Galifianakis, brad pitt, Between Two Ferns
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infinite zest
I think I liked these more when I assumed they were improvised. Scott Auckerman (Comedy Bang Bang, Mr Show) pretty much writes the material beforehand and the celebrities know what they're getting into. Or at least that was the case with the Obama one. That being said, all my stars for the awkward Friends theme song look.
Maybe they wrote it out because he's the President? The look on Brad Pitts face when he gets the gift at 1:30 seems like it was kind of a surprise.


I always wonder how much of this is scripted and how much is improv.

Also, holy shit Galifianakis is showing his age.
I think Zach's aged look is due to the fact that he's lost weight.

infinite zest
Zoinks! Zach's 45 and Brad's 50! Personally I think Zach looks pretty great (I'm 32 and am starting to notice a few grey hairs in the old soup strainer) and he was really awesome in Birdman as a more serious actor.

infinite zest
Also bassoon jokes. As a bassoonist everyone in high school asked me if it was a bong and eventually I just went along with it. I feel kind of bad for doing this, but our school had a bassoon that nobody used except for me and I used it as a bong and it worked (better than our other options which were apples or 20 oz bottles of Josta Cola)

No wrinkles when you're fat.

Sexy Duck Cop
Hard lolling at Louis CK's single joke.
Pretty shitty to cut him off at the charity part. Could have at least put something in about it at the end.
That guy

Rodents of Unusual Size
for the end
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