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Category:Science & Technology, Trailers
Tags:Robot, the future is stupid, Lowes
Submitted:Albuquerque Halsey
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Comment count is 9
Why's it gotta be a white robot?

But seriously, as numerous as the questions and problems this might create are, it's kinda cool. Reminds me of that CGPGrey video about the barista-bots and the automated cars. What will we all do when we're obsolete?
Sit around and look at art I guess.

Oscar Wildcat
Yes, I want to be hounded by robots as I try to get the stuff I need from your store. I want to spend hours playing with the interface to get it to lead me 200 feet to where the drywall is. Because really, I have all the time in the world Lowes.
I'm sure the robot will work alright, it's the minimum wage shelf stackers not really giving a shit (can't blame them) that'll fuck this things usefulness up IMO.

Talk about your fucking failure of imagination.
That guy
OSHBot gives you love and support and good cheer and a warm welcome, and this is how you repay OSHBot?

Already I refuse to use the self-checkout lane because I don't want to contribute to a trend that costs workers their jobs, but I might make an exception for these robots, just so I can trick them into cussing.
Making everything as time-consuming and expensive to produce requires more workers, are you saying that's what you are in favor of?

I refuse to barter with any farmer that uses a plow!

The self-checkout lane doesn't do anything except put a human out of work and put his wages in some upper management type's pockets. I feel there's a line there.

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