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Category:Science & Technology
Tags:Tape, review, pencil, Boredom, youtube people
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Comment count is 9
infinite zest
Automatic Tape Dispenser? What else is new in the future? Do they still have chewing gum?
That guy
Dude, the pencil sharpener is AUTO STOP. So the ATP is not perfect, so what?? They'll fix it in the next version.

You don't have to dispense all your own tape anymore, or have to start and stop the pencil sharpener all the time anymore. It's a good device.


What a lame automatic tape dispenser. I have one that automatically cuts the tape when you let go of the button so you don't have to go to all that extra effort.

5 for a horribly designed tape dispenser. The banality of evil indeed. These things are what cause office shooting sprees.

That guy
This revolutionary device was UNIMAGINABLE like 10 years ago.

Now everyone's like "The ATD doesn't dispense tape fast enough whah whah whah I'm a princess".

Jet Bin Fever
I love the sound the motor makes when winding down. It sounds like it's as old and tired as it looks.
infinite zest
"After so many years of being used.." The tape dispenser's song writes itself. Move over, Sam Hunt!

A relic from the days when the people using it would have also been smoking at their desks.
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