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Desc:Telling it like it is.
Category:News & Politics, Crime
Tags:clinic, Abortion, pregnant, England, pro birth
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Comment count is 23
magnesium - 2014-12-05
So England has these anti-choice dumbfucks, too, eh?
jimmyboblahey - 2014-12-05
lol she's black let her abort the niglet.
One less cigar-stealing thug in the world.
giygusattack - 2014-12-05
Ok, who forgot to lock the door that keeps the YouTube commenters out?

EvilHomer - 2014-12-05
The fuck is wrong with you, dude? The Caliphate won't even allow cigars.That baby'd have to steal, I dunno, prayer mats, or CCTV cameras or something,

Gmork - 2014-12-05
Is this guy for real? I don't know his history.

baleen - 2014-12-05
It's preywinder or some other sad man/troll.

misterbuns - 2014-12-05
it must be so cool to be time warped in 2005 /b/ jimmywhatever i so jelly

asian hick - 2014-12-05
Preybyemail got banned. I assume this is just him reregged.

Retardo Montebaun - 2014-12-05
*closes door sheepishly* sorry bout that, had to let the youtube cat out.

AmericanAir - 2014-12-05
You might not be a bad person, some people in the infancy of independent thought make mistakes. Challenging accepted decency is something a lot of fourteen-year-olds do, and you got a reaction! The one you anticipated!
You've probably had the epiphany: "Hitler was really intelligent, when you think about it." Come to the side of peace, love and understanding, you fucking idiot.

simon666 - 2014-12-05
lol This guy has the 8th most videos submitted (897), but only like only 8 videos that made it out of the hopper.

Weird man. Weird.

DavidBowiesLuckyTennisBall - 2014-12-05
-Triplets Of Bellevue
-The Creation Museum Deconstructed
-Vagina Power Halloween Edition
fluffy - 2014-12-05
Something wonderful happens in the CVS parking lot
It's a Fembot!
Ann Coulter vs. The View

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2014-12-05
He really didn't want to look at her when she started talking about war rapes. I'm betting he comes from an African country that has experienced those in spades. If you can't talk about the issues that actually lead to abortion you might not want to go into this as a pastime.
baleen - 2014-12-05
"I'm betting he comes from an African country that has experienced those in spades"

Poor choice of nouns.

Sanest Man Alive - 2014-12-05
I strongly doubt it's even that personal. He's either stripping his mental gears further coming up with a rationalisation (assuming he cares enough) or just trying to ignore the hell out of her because she is talking and not agreeing with him. She is wasting his valuable victim-hounding time, which, realistically speaking, is all you can do to thwart assholes on a mission from god.

il fiore bel - 2014-12-05
I don't know what is creepier, their unauthorized filming of women going into clinics or their stance in general.
ShiftlessRastus - 2014-12-05
"...But you are recording, aren't you?"

"It's already off."

Binro the Heretic - 2014-12-05
Has anyone ever tried filming anti-choicers, taking down their car tag numbers, protesting outside their churches?
Sanest Man Alive - 2014-12-05
mumble grumble religious oppression, blah blah my poor first amendments

Meerkat - 2014-12-05
We have a bunch of old wrinkled anti-abortion protesters in Winnipeg walking back and forth outside the women's pavilion, which happens to be where I was born. I tried to direct them to the dementia clinic next door but they didn't take it well.
Jet Bin Fever - 2014-12-05
I wish logic mattered in things like this, but it doesn't. You could have the best, most clearly constructed argument in the universe, and as long as the other side bases their entire argument on feelings and illusions, there's no budging them. In this country I doubt they would've been so polite and heard her out. So good on you there England.
Adham Nu'man - 2014-12-06
I read "pregnant wombat"
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