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Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:pig, ice, not a cat
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Comment count is 16
il fiore bel
Am I the only one getting "How to butcher a pig: the ultimate pig butchering video" as a Youtube recommendation now?

infinite zest
Yeah. All my videos at the end are related to the movie Frozen, and then the one pig butchering video.

infinite zest
Oh, and the Brain Surgery on Elsa from Frozen game. It's not quite worth submitting, but.. wat?

Caminante Nocturno
I'm also getting the butcher/frozen combination. Now the two are forever linked in my mind.

That guy
same and same

infinite zest
Let it go.

Ultimate Pig Butchering is actually a very interesting video! It's in the hopper now.

(it's really not as gross as it sounds; there is no slaughter-house footage. The pig comes pre-slaughtered and pre-gutted, as it would in a butcher's shop, so it's basically just watching an English butcher talk about his favorite cuts of meat)

I have "How to field dress a wild pig" in my recommendations.

same here

Pigs on Ice show needs more rehearsals.
One bacon slider, hold the cheese.
Seven Arts/H8 Red
Get seven more spotted pigs, and have them wear vests with a handle on the top. Makes curling more unpredictable.
Frozen pig slides on spotted sidewalk.
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