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Desc:Season 2 has started. WWII ended a couple years ago, it's the 80s, and Hitler is back.
Category:News & Politics, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Hitler, danger 5, Sean James Murphy, Paul DeNinno Braun, Johnny Hitler
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Comment count is 10
read 'black'.

immediately disappointed.
Steve Buscemi travels back in time to convince his younger self to travel forward in time to interview a gay man of action.

Wasn't meant as a reply, but ok.

On a side note, Pierre is now black for some reason. And I hope they don't explain it.

I guess all miscellaneous Europeans look alike to you.

You know, I really want to like this show, but it's just impossible. And I loved Italian Spiderman.
infinite zest
Most of my family lives in Australia, and I was talking to my cousin over the holidays and mentioned it, and I could almost hear her jaw drop over the phone like "holy shit you've heard of it?!?" Yeah, cuz.

It's kinda not fair that this gets to be on a national public station whereas the closest thing we have in the states that I can think of (NTSF) is quarantined to a cable network with a lousy timeslot, if they're even making it anymore. :(
infinite zest
Oh yeah and Bort thanks for telling me about Broad City too. I probably would've never known. I'm halfway through the first season and would've watched the whole thing but it's 5AM and I have to go to work in a bit. :)

Season 2 of "Broad City" started just the other night, so don't fall behind.

And, I've discovered that Comedy Central has committed to a third season of "Broad City", in honor of which, here's a photo of Ilana Glazer:

http://25.media.tumblr.com/3a37d80bc53d581923cc2fa6fd4ba224/tu mblr_n3g13tQVrz1qfcn88o2_500.jpg

In episode 2, Hitler's evil scheme involves posing as Johnny Hitler, the new cool kid at an Illinois high school. That will never not be funny to me.

http://img2.tvtome.com/i/u/bde4a3ed900f4d95cdb9b711ce9697a3.jp g
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