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Gmork - 2015-01-12

i hate everything about this

baleen - 2015-01-12

he didn't say anything about fat people

love - 2015-01-12

or guns

Gmork - 2015-01-12

and yet, it still bothers me

Gmork - 2015-01-12


ashtar. - 2015-01-12

imagine how scary he'd be if he were wearing a hoodie

Gmork - 2015-01-13

imagine how intelligent you would be if you attempted to jibe me with relevant things instead of the exact opposite of what i believe

Gmork - 2015-01-13

Even though your opinions are largely pretentious dogshit, I used to at least see you as "intelligent but misguided". Thank you for correcting me.

Binro the Heretic - 2015-01-12

Aw, man...the pervy mailman from "Better Off Dead" and the scary bad dude from "The Last Boyscout."

He was also a pretty good stand-up comedian. This makes me sad.


(Oh, and he's part Iranian, so it's not really racism.)

chumbucket - 2015-01-12

That haircut in Boy Scout.

Doomstein - 2015-01-12

Gas Station Attendant from One Crazy Summer. Apparently he owed Savage Steve Holland a few... favors.

PlusDome - 2015-01-12

Nothing. But. Trouble.

also a Christmas Tree Salesman on a Fresh Prince episode.

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