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Desc:Anti-NWO filmmaker murdered his wife & daughter before killing himself therefore 'conspiracy'.
Category:News & Politics, Crime
Tags:, murder, suicide, conspiracy, tinfoil
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Comment count is 12
News article about the murder-suicide from TwinCities.com/PIONEER PRESS reporter Nick Ferraro: http://goo.gl/zp43vQ

The guy on this video claims that David Crowley had just received million to continue making the film, but the serious news site that I just linked to says he was having serious financial issues: the project was bleeding him dry and he was selling off his film-making equipment. Of course, if you're going to believe the conspiracy theory, you're just going to automatically assume any information contained within a mainstream news story is fake or wrong unless it supports the conspiracy theory.

Here's the concept trailer for GRAY STATE, which I tried submitting only to find out it had been submitted before: http://youtu.be/Gy7FVXERKFE

Here's the voting page.

I submitted the original trailer. Holy shit..it's THAT guy?

infinite zest
It is kinda weird, from the one I read it was a little bit of both: he was upset that people were bailing on the project, but remained optimistic. Hell, my cousin's movie had a somewhat similar plot and it bombed, and he's doing just fine. I don't know too much about the movie or Crowley but it doesn't really seem that Tinfoil Hat, no more than Orwell; seems like there's a lot of movies, like Olympus Has Fallen or that new hacker movie nobody saw, that give a pretty good plan of action for overthrowing the whitehouse or the world, or whatever the latter was about.. and I don't see the writers or directors getting silenced or mysteriously disappearing.

But you never know. There was this woman in my neighborhood who became a Rajneeshee and was told that in a different life she was a queen and her daughters were princesses, and she shot them dead after school and then herself, her husband coming home after work to find them. Seemed completely normal.

wow, someone had princess issues

infinite zest
Yeah. It's actually a pretty fascinating story. Here's a little story about it that doesn't get into details, but notice the address: 7734. Upside down on a calculator that spells "HELL." It was sort of my neighborhood's haunted house, but I knew the girls vaguely from school. Strange but sad.

http://koin.com/2013/05/06/the-ongoing-mystery-of-portlands-he ll-house/

Gotta love how conspiracy wankers' deaths are always murders.

I bet someone, somewhere will claim it was the same individual from the same cabal that "murdered" Brietbart.
The first thing the guy says in the video is that this death compares to that of Andrew Breitbart. Of course, he says "murder", but I don't think either one was a murder, unless you call David Crowley murdering himself a murder.

Ah, but you see, they wanted it to LOOK like he killed himself. That's part of how the conspiracy works! It was all staged! CAN'T YOU SEE THAT?!


Didn't Breitbart fall over onto a curb and die from a concussion? I mean, like literally tripped and fell?

The coroner said he died of a cardiomgaly (enlarged heart). While no drugs were found in his system, a suspected cocaine habit was what many (who didn't blame his death on an Illuminati plot) believed to be the cause of his heart condition. A friend of his claimed he'd suffered a heart attack a few months before he died.

As a paranoid schizophrenic, he had many enemies.

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