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Desc:Neil Cicierega has fun with 'that line' from Ghostbusters.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:ghostbusters, remix, Neil Cicierega, Ray Parker Jr.
Submitted:Jet Bin Fever
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Comment count is 19
Maggot Brain
If the ghost busters theme were to come out today it would most likely sound like this, only Ray Parker would be a little white girl.
Also it probably wouldn't be riped off from Huey Lewis.

Maggot Brain
Have you listen to top for radio in the past three years? The Huey Lewis sound is bigger than ever.

It's too darn loud.

Maggot Brain
"Like, we're just trying to have a good time, man! Why 'dya hav'ta bring us down!"

Neil pretty much invented the Internet.

I remember back when Captain Lou's Journey through Space and Time came out and basically everyone I knew who wasn't me didn't get it a bit.
Caminante Nocturno
Hey, Seanbaby invented the Internet, too!

i always heard rumors that his ego matched that statement, but never really cared to confirm (i pretty much assumed it was tied to his sense of humor).

either way it's pretty true, dude basically has his childhood art all over my mental fridge

right next to the jeremy of the mudman clan's reading rainbow series

Sudan no1
Neil seems like an pretty cool guy, but half of this site would hate him for being a SmoothJassWalrus.

Don't cross the streams when you're bustin'
I own three of this man's albums, and "Wizard People, Dear Reader" on CD.
His sister is awesome, too.
Are you saying Ray Parker Jr. did "Wizard People" or Neil Cicierega, because it was Brad Neely.

Neil is great, but "Wizard People" was Brad Neely.

Oh, you're right.
I was thinking of "Potter Puppet Pals", which Neil C. did.

The original version of Wizard People is one of my favorite things ever. The revised version's OK too but the first one, where Neely is very obviously getting drunker as it goes, is the best.

Freaky man, baby
Why is he so into Boston?
Wouldn't that make it MORE than a feelin'?
Aubrey McFate
I ain't afraid of no sleepin'.
I ain't afraid of no bed.
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