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Desc:I'm as sick of zombies as anyone but this is such a classic Italian crapfest.
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:Zombies, 80s, Italy, no budget, ACTING!
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Comment count is 8
There's an Italian zombie movie from 1980 on netflix streaming right now called Nightmare City. I swear to god it's where Llyod Kaufman got the idea of the toxic avenger from. Radioactive crap turns people into violent zombies that look exactly like Toxie, and in the opening scene one of them is running around murdering people with a mop.
Woah, I haven't seen that.The one good thing about the unkillable zombie fad is that a lot of stuff like that is getting easier to find, and that's cool I suppose.

How can you be sick of zombies?
Same reason that it's almost impossible to enjoy the Dead Parrot Sketch anymore.

By "anymore" I mean "since around 1993"

Ever since I first saw this in the early 90's, incest kid in the preload has freaked me out.

Here's a recent interview with the actor...

I was really happy to see that he was the preload image, he's definitely the best/worst thing about this movie. He was, I think, 26 at the time. I guess laws were such in Italy that just the presence of the zombies was enough to make it illegal to have a minor in the cast in any context at all, much less his role.

Mother, this cloth smells of death

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