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Chocolate Jesus - 2015-06-12

saw a pretty good movie with a young Lee in it the other day, The Devil Rides Out (1968)

From IMDB:

In the countryside of England, the Duc de Richleau a.k.a Nicholas welcomes his old friend Rex Van Ryn that has flown to meet him and Simon Aron, who is the son of an old friend of them that had passed away but charged them the task of watching the youngster. Nicholas and Rex unexpectedly visit Simon that is receiving twelve mysterious friends. Sooner Nicholas, who is proficient in black magic, learns that the guests are member of a satanic cult and Simon and his friend Tanith Carlisle will be baptized by the powerful leader Mocata to serve the devil. The two friends abduct Simon and Tanith expecting to save their souls but Mocata summons the Angel of Death and the Goat of Mendes to help him in a battle between the good and the forces of evil.

BHWW - 2015-06-12

It was this movie that led to Davis being offered an honorary membership in the Church of Satan. Occultist Michael Aquino (who would go on to found his breakaway Temple of Set sect) saw Poor Devil and was pleased by certain details, like the proper inversion of a pentagram. He was also pleased by Davis' portrayal of he deemed a hip and sympathetic demon. He and LeVay figured having a big name like Davis connected to the CoS would be a big visibility boost, a real PR move.

Davis gladly accepted because he was "fascinated by evil" as he put it in his memoir - not so much "evil" really as kicks and also because apparently chicks dug the Baphomet pendant and single long red nail he started sporting afterward. But after awhile apparently the experience began to pall for Davis and he decided he didn't want to run with the occultists in Hollywood anymore.

Not that that was his first experience with Hollywood occultist types - according to his memoirs in the late 60s he'd been invited to a party thrown by actors whom he knew to be into the occult scene. The party became a ritualized orgy, capped off by the simulated sacrifice of a virgin. Davis got quite a shock when he realized the fellow in the hood leading the ritual was none other than his hairdresser, stylist to the stars Jay Sebring, who was into the trendy occult thing, and had previously attempted to invite Davis to check out his recreation of a dungeon in his basement, complete with collection of medieval torture devices.
You may also remember Sebring as ending up as one of the victims when the Manson family crashed the party at Sharon Tate's.

BHWW - 2015-06-12

Aquino also thought Christopher Lee would make an excellent target for recruitment, and thought Lee might even be a behind the scenes supporter of occult activities until he read some interviews where Lee talked about how his starring in horror movies had brought him into contact with people who helped inform him on black magic - Lee had decided the occult was nothing to mess about with and had said he felt his roles in horror movies were an opportunity to warn people away from the dark arts. Mr. Aquino did NOT care for that.

That guy - 2015-06-12

It was a simpler time.

garcet71283 - 2015-06-12

Black Jewish Republican Demon

That guy - 2015-06-14

something for everyone!

snothouse - 2015-06-13

I want to know who the original target audience for this was.

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