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Desc:delicious tears from The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:love thy neighbor, gay rights, Delicious Tears, but my jesus, erlc
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Comment count is 44
"We have a God that's sovereign."

Citation needed.
That guy
....so New Testament theology, according to me a non-bouncer, splits up into
a) 'love thy neighbor' instead of a jillion laws from the Old Testament
b) a harsh book of Matthew
but neither says anything about the LGBTQIAZYXs

How does this guy know Jesus wept?
If he cares so much about what the Old Testament says, why doesn't he become an orthodox Jew?

Sanest Man Alive
I hear there's a reading test to become a Jew, which is probably why he hasn't gotten in already.


"Refugees from the sexual revolution..."

It begins.

That guy
oh wow
If that's not enticement to violent revenge, I don't know what is.


I prefer to think of it as Hiroshima and Nagasaki getting married at Chernobyl while Fukishima Daichi catches the bouquet.

Self-flagellation to follow
Serious question.

After watching this and reading Huckabee's statement;

"The Supreme Court has spoken with a very divided voice on something only the Supreme Being can do-redefine marriage. I will not acquiesce to an imperial court any more than our Founders acquiesced to an imperial British monarch. We must resist and reject judicial tyranny, not retreat."

Isn't this treason?
Might be treasonous in theme, but it likely falls under protected speech. Treason is applied to one's actions, not one's words.

What about sedition?

Sedition is a good point, though I'm sure there is a litmus test.

I think there is reason to believe Huckabee's meaning of 'resist' does not mean _necessarily_ non-lawful means of resistance.

That guy
yeah it's right on dog-whistle level

I didn't know we had an Emperor!

Nah, it's not treasonous. The U.S. has a long tradition of civil disobedience to all levels of governmental decisions. That tradition is one of the few redeeming features of this country.

It's an unfortunate fact that Americans often seem to resort to this tradition for horrible causes. (e.g. forcing the Cherokee on the Trail of Tears, fighting against this Supreme Court ruling, etc.)

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Seems suspiciously reasonable and concessionary.. hmmmmm...
infinite zest
Comments are disabled for this video. Goddamnit!!!

The Mothership
Oh wow, a conscious call for Christians to embody the counterculture. So, a return to early Christianity then.
I'm withholding judgment on that until they weigh in on moneylenders and private property in general.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
My grandfather (who is about 90) was the principle of a school back in day (Back then Ireland was a 2nd world country, very conservative, and completely dominated by the church, if your interested in just how buttoned down and we were check out the excellent documentary film 'the rocky road to dublin')
Anyway as a school principle my granded was a respected authority figure or sorts in the community, but hes very intelligent and open minded, also has a bit of a devilsh streak. He used to to love to ruffle peoples feathers by asking who was the 1st communist? Theyd reply with Marx etc, and then he'd answer that it was Jesus! Jesus and the apostles shared everything and lived communally.
My grandad is cool!

The Mothership
Yup Purple Cat, your granddad was cool, cause that sounds a lot like the introduction to my 'The Historical Jesus' lecture for History 101.

I can't wait for John Oliver to talk about this.
infinite zest
Yeah I hope this is on This Week's Last Week; I'm not sure how it's done but this was sort of out of the blue: I was driving back from the airport this morning and thought that I was still asleep and dreaming because I can't really concentrate on anything but the road. I think it clicked about an hour ago that this actually happened! Hopefully the writers can work their magic. I mean this is probably the most historic day for human rights that I can remember in my lifetime.

That guy
Well, this and ethics in gaming journalism.

infinite zest
You mean it happened? We now have ethics in game journalism? Horray!

That guy
Yes, of course.
A fanboy, freebie-loving, concubine-of-the-industry journalist can be totally ethical, as long as he's not a bitch.

This really is an incredible step for both civil rights and schadenfreude.

'Delicious Tears' is my new favorite flavor of hummus.
(It's really just 'Roasted Red Pepper', but today I'm calling it 'Delicious Tears.')

il fiore bel
delicious tears of chunky blood?

infinite zest
Ewww you ruined roasted red peppers for me just like the homos ruined the bibble

Today's Supreme Court decision didn't even have anything to do with religious ceremony or sex. Not everything is about you, Christianity.
That guy

With the same sex ruling, the Obamacare ruling, and all the abandonment of the Confederate flag, this has been a really bad week for boomers.
also announced; for the first time, millenials outnumber baby boomers in America


With the same sex ruling, the Obamacare ruling, and all the abandonment of the Confederate flag, this has been a really good week for my boners.


(that's a smiling face)

Binro the Heretic
You're wrong, Mr. Moore.

Followup video: Christians crack each other's heads open and feast on the goo inside.

Look, anytime God wants to come down here and deliver a ruling Himself, we'll allow it. Until then, we got shit to do, man.

If we're going to lure God out of hiding (he's over there! No, wait, that's a raccoon) we need bait. So we'll have to get the Supreme Court to do something guaranteed to really piss Him off so he has to come down and intervene.

Like, have Justice Roberts go, "Okay, we're legalizing polygamous abortion-mandatory man-on-dog marriage now. It's official just as soon as I bring down my gavel...any second now....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany second now....sure hope no divine being comes by and stops me...."
I love today. So many things about today.

I just noticed the irony here.

This guy gets paid to live in Washington DC and go around giving senators handjobs to keep anti-gay agendas a priority.
"The Supreme Court can do many things, but it cannot put Jesus Christ back in the grave."

Well not with that attitude...
The Mothership
That made me chuckle. Good one Rudy.

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