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Desc:Too atonal for 73Q
Category:Horror, Crime
Tags:what hell sounds like, saxophone, jazz?, ringtones of the elder gods
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Comment count is 16
I've been to and played at literally a few hundred shows like this. This is OK, not amazing but better than average.
I've been to literally zero shows like this. This is straight-up garbage and there is no perspective in which makes this not straight-up garbage.

dude, it's called NOISE, duh...

Yep, this has been around in one form or another for almost a century.

There's nothing particularly special about this, but it's not that bad, it's like an inoffensive bar band.

I've been to one show like this but it had more to look at: some sort of video projection slideshow akin to "A Clockwork Orange".

That guy
By itself, noise music is pretty rough and pretty boring. As part of a song or film score or dance piece or something, it sometimes works interestingly. So sayeth me.

This is hilariously grating and boring, though. 5 for that.

It's Great to see musicians brave enough to blow through a wind instrument and pound on a drum (with a DRUM STICK)....never seen that before. Go home and listen to the Beatles. Fucking pedestrians.
Too DEEP for you?
You squares just don't get it and that's why you don't like it! It's too avant-garde for your brain-mundane.
Robin Kestrel
Music for dentists.
The Mothership
Yea, that is metal on bone.

Einsturzende Neubauten you are not.
I like it.
I don't get noise music. I don't get why someone would listen to it, or why someone would play it. Can any noise fans here help me understand?
In my (limited) experience, most of the people in the audience at shows like this are also performing. Like a lot of experimental music, this kind of stuff is more fun to play than to listen to.

Even noise music has structure. And sometimes there's a surprising amount of intense music theory that goes into a lot of atonal and experimental stuff like elaborate custom tunings and things like that.

And then there's people just randomly doing shit like these people. Personally, I would argue that if you are using this much equipment to make these sounds, you are not doing it right, but hey....IT'S ART.

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