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Desc:So much for Reagan's 11th commandment.
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:CNN, donald trump, John McCain, Jake Tapper, swift boat
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Comment count is 7
You're not supposed to call out guests on their bullshit! Just nod and say "I guess people have different opinions"!!!!
Killer Joe
I guess it doesn't show if the host called out the ethnic-lite conservative for his bullshit.

Rodents of Unusual Size
At least the right is vilifying Trump. I mean they'll paint John Kerry as a traitor because he was a truly honorable veteran and no one spoke up as they lied through their teeth about his service while a coward who evaded the war altogether scooted through into another term destroying our country, but hey Trump went after one of their own. His political career is dead.

What is entertaining is that Trump's pure narcissism keeps him from being able to see that he can't get away with everything and saying everything he wants and sometimes if you want political office you have to shut the fuck up. He feels totally immune from that, but I think he's in for a bit of a reality shock. You can't get away with that shit in the GOP if you turn on one of them, they are like ants and they will eat you alive as a team.
It's sacrosanct to criticize veterans in our culture, I think we all know this, but Trump's critique is really just cruel and shallow. We can still criticize McCain though - he unquestionably supported the Iraq War at its inception, and continues to be a hawk for stupid military decisions.
The GOP hates veterans, who didn't know this?
Goddamned welfare queens, leeching off our tax dollars with their G.I. Bill.

Hogging all the PTSD, and shrapnel too. Greedy fuckers.

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