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Desc:Fan made video with Mommies rap. Mommies week continues.
Category:Horror, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Rap, white people, mommies, rap rap rappin
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Comment count is 12
That guy
I shut this in disgust.

........and then I remembered that that means 5.
Everyone in that live audience is either brain dead or a hostage.
What the hell is the matter with white people?

Seriously, we are the fucking worst.
infinite zest
Ugh.. it could've very well been these two, but when my sister in law got pregnant and had her first kid her friends would bring over mix CDs with rap songs and such about being a mom in the suburbs while they drank wine coolers. I fucking hated vacations when I was married because it meant spending at least two days with those horrible non-blood relatives of mine.

i find myself thinking that somehow if this were two drag queens i'd find it a potent piece of social commentary

Yellow Lantern
jesus christ
These Mommies are totally in your face and all up in your area with their radi-cool attitude.
fan video
I miss the days when you actually tried.

Hold my hand, yo. We'll make it through.

wannabe peg bundy is almost hot

That guy


this is grating beyond belief, 5 stars
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