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Desc:behind the scenes with the video vigilante this summer in sunny oklahoma city
Category:Crime, Educational
Tags:voyeurism, too much free time, Brian Bates, johntv
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Comment count is 14
So this peeper trying to help the girls, shame the buyers or just rub one out? All 3?
He's shaming everyone, including himself, and rubbing one out over the shame.

I think it's telling that he referred to decoy prostitutes as a "reverse-sting." This guy is fucked up.

infinite zest
I don't live too far away from the main prostitute street, which is a pretty busy street with plenty of bus stops, so standing on the corner, pretending to be talking to someone on the phone, smoking a cigarette slightly away from the people at the busstop, etc. are pretty normal things you see every day. You can kind of tell who MIGHT be a prostitute but that's about it. But here, you're just sitting out by yourself, in no noticeable stress with nobody else around. I guess a Good Samaritan might ask if you need directions and pull over, but you're about as obvious as that "ACME PLUMBING" van that's been parked across the street for the last couple of days. Damn, sure takes a long time to fix a broken toilet..
oh it's that real life Nightcrawler guy only not as interesting and likely not as successful in the end, where he'll be stabbed in the throat.
every video I see from this guy is a surprise, because he is not dead

being a palsied commercial fisherman is a safer job than this

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
It is pretty surprising. He'd probably would've been shot a long time ago if he did this shit in a place like Oakland or Detroit I guess the pimps in OK are pansies.

Sanest Man Alive
Bullshit baleen, this fucker isn't blue and he can't teleport, or at least he hasn't done it yet. Hell, I bet he's not even Catholic.

Oh you!

infinite zest
Haha normally I'd say "hey spoiler" but I couldn't make it through that fucking movie. But just to get you back, Nightingale is all in black storm troopers mind.

Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Wasn't this guy arrested for pimping a while back?
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
He was implicated in some shit awhile back but I can't remember what it was. Hasn't stopped him from making a career out of this though.
Why does he have to be such a fridgid little dick though? Help the ladies caught in this shit or mind your own business.

Aww, the cop didn't want to say hello. Which is fine. Totally cool.
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