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Desc:Horror comedy about an elementary school overrun by zombie children
Category:Horror, Humor
Tags:Zombies, children, chicken nuggets, Rainn Wilson
Submitted:John Holmes Motherfucker
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Comment count is 18
The Mothership - 2015-09-18
We reached the tail end of the zombie craze long ago. This may have been fresh in 2007, but not 2015
infinite zest - 2015-09-19
Pardon the pun but the genre never seems to die. 28 Days Later was pretty much the echelon for me. Zombies are fast. Zombies are smart. Zombies aren't always a metaphor Zombies. And yet just two weeks ago George Romero was in Portland filming a new Living Dead movie, no shit!

infinite zest - 2015-09-19
Oh never mind, it's called George Romero's Zombie Day Apocalypse. It's just a short that was made for the Portland Film Fest. I guess if anyone's going to have 3,000+ zombies in a shot though, it's Romero.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2015-09-19
>>We reached the tail end of the zombie craze long ago. This may have been fresh in 2007, but not 2015

That seems pretty subjective. I mean, what if I haven't seen most of the recent zombie movies? What if I see it in five years?

I've been following Rainn Wilson on Twitter for years. He comes across as funny, smart, decent and he used to have (and maybe still has) a great site dedicated to creativity for its own sake.. I've said this before: I once tweeted that Rainn Wilson is one celebrity who would be worth following if he wasn't a celebrity. The next day, I had a new follower: Dwight K. Shrute.

The Soul Pancake YouTube Channel:


I'd like to see him do something that isn't a flop. He's had two movies, and one TV series, interesting efforts all, go down in defeat.

infinite zest - 2015-09-20
Holy shit you ain't kidding! James Gunn's "Super" cost about 2.5 million to make and only made 50,000. Gunn made up for it with Guardians of the Galaxy but I would've preferred Wilson instead of Chris Pratt. Same goes for Backstrom.

infinite zest - 2015-09-20
Also how did Backstrom fail so quickly? I understand that Super was released at the same time as Kick-Ass, and they were more-or-less the same idea, kinda like Paul Blart and Observe and Report, but Backstrom was this cool mix of Twin Peaks and a big city cop drama that I'd never seen before. It's actually the only show that I'd like to see a revival of on some other network, or service like Netflix.

kingarthur - 2015-09-20
We've reached the end of the zombie genre? Are you unfamiliar with the glorious camp and grind house joy that is Z Nation?

FABIO - 2015-09-18
Another trailer that just summarizes the whole movie in exact chronological order.

Hot Fuzz has just ruined all other self-aware action movies for me.

Sexy Duck Cop - 2015-09-19
I know the director of this movie and he's batshit crazy. And not in a good way. I have some "fun" stories to tell, but despite the fact that there's a 0% chance anyone on PoeTV could divine my identity from them, I'm gonna keep my mouth shut. Just suffice it to say that he's faced multiple mutinies on set and plays the "tortured artist" card to an insufferable degree.
EvilHomer - 2015-09-19
Cooooomeeee oooonnnnnn. Cooome on.

CoooooOOOooommmeeee ooooonnn, you know you wanna tell some stories. Just do it. We won't rat you out.

EvilHomer - 2015-09-19
At least one. Pick the story with the most people involved, so if he shows up on poeTV there's no way that he can narrow the leak down to you.

kingarthur - 2015-09-20
Tell us tell us tell us

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2015-09-19
Even people who love horror movies know that, like comedies, most of them are terrible. So this is probably terrible, but for THIS kind of horror movie (as opposed to your artsy-fartsy Cronenberg opus), the cast is extraordinary, and that gives me some hope. I love Rainn Wilson, I really like Jack McBrayer and Nasim Pedrad. These are adult actors with resumes, and that's unusual. What this might have is some decent laughs.
infinite zest - 2015-09-19
Can't say for sure if I'm sold, but I'll probably have to see it anyway eventually. But what I like is that Elijah Wood has apparently not aged since The Faculty, but now he's a teacher instead of a student. Dwight's always funny, and there's something kind of refreshing about a comedic horror movie starring little kids getting killed in their classrooms that feels very innocent, post-Columbine, Sandy Hook and myrid other school-related tragedies. In other words, this is the movie I wanted to see when I was in 4th grade.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2015-09-20
I just rented it from Google Play. Starting it up now.
John Holmes Motherfucker - 2015-09-20
COOTIES is every bit as good as it's supposed to be, and no more. Like most zombie movies, it's a variation on Night of the Living Dead. Everybody's trapped in a building and surrounded, yadda yadda yadda, but this is one of those formulaic movies that does formula well, with competent acting and writing. For genre fans, that satisfying. If you love classic zombie movies, that's what this is. If you don't like zombie movies, this won't change your mind.

Actually there are two subgenres of zombie movies, and George Romero probably invented both of them. There's the claustrophobic (Night of the Living Dead), and the apocolyptic (Dawn of the Dead). This is more claustrophobic.

kingarthur - 2015-09-20
I'd just like to encourage everyone to give Z Natoon a try. I didn't watch this trailer at all so I have no idea if they have squat in common but zombies. All I know is Z Nation is FUN.
John Holmes Motherfucker - 2015-09-21
And I'm looking forward to season 2 of iZombie. I don't care if Zombies are being done to death. At least they're not vampires.
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