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Desc:Demonstration and observations regarding the Kaye Effect.
Category:Educational, Science & Technology
Tags:awesome, shampoo, kaye, effect, leaping
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Comment count is 18
Heyo! Money shot!!!
Ahriman the Creepy Lurker
Science, why must you be so goddamn awesome?
shampoo and laser beams - together at last
I wish all science involved shampoo.
Dammit. I should've been a scientist.
The Kaye Effect is awesome.
Cool, now get back to curing cancer.
*scratches head. so does that work with any viscous liquid?
The Hater
Ok that was cool, but it's nothing to do with shear-thinning and everything to do with Jesus.
j lzrd / swift idiot
Science TV shows need to make a comeback.
The God of Biscuits
+5 for Windows setup music.
I want the windows setup music! I demand an mp3!
Nyms Lives!
Liars! They did nothing to explain how The Court Jester or White Christmas were so heartfelt and hilarious. Science, you do nothing for me!

Zombie Moseley
The Danny Kaye effect is ejecting viscous fluids onto Laurence Olivier.

welps looks like I'm off to buy a gallon of shampoo and some Science Clamps.
lmao, science clamps...

I dont understand why this behavior baffles them - it makes perfect sense to me, the stream is just being redirected by the round dimple made by the falling shampoo. Redirection - big fucking whoop. Cool though.
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