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Desc:Now you try it
Category:Educational, News & Politics
Tags:Japan, ham, ham week, hamu
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Comment count is 14
HAMU DESU?! Hamu desu dame desu yo!


Jet Bin Fever
Japanese ham is probably horrible. Just like the "amerikan doggu" (hot dog/corn dog) that I used to find in Tokyo convenience stores, it probably does not in any way resemble actual ham.
Who knew Japanese was such an easy language to learn? Looku atu meu, I'mu speakingu Japaneseu.
Ponyo likes ham.
infinite zest
Cena Marku Thanks to you. I mean Domo.


Some of their words are loanwords from English. It's no weirder than the fact that we English-speakers call raw fish served on rice "sushi".

This is plagiarism. They're steeling our words, just like the French and "le weekend."

No, they're just learning to speak English. Japan is our best colony, and this is the sort of thing colonies do. You should know that - you lived in Alaska, which used to be all Eskimos and seals. Then it turned Russian, then it turned American. Is it bad when Alaskans call Mt. McKinley, "Mt. McKinley"? Is it silly for Alaskans to say "ham"?

I'm just goofin. I just wish Japanese were that easy.
McKinley was a terrible name. Its as bad as when a German climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and named it, "Kaiser-Wilhelm-Spitze".

Hamu no Jutsu.
Caminante Nocturno
It is also a noise that hamsters make.
And when she gets fat: Kyary Hamu Hamu.
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