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Desc:A child explains why he dislikes she show. Remenicient of SammyClassicSonicFan
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:steven universe, Nintendo Sucks
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Comment count is 41
"Nintendo fans seem to like it, because they're autistic"

HAW! Kid's got your number, Cena.
How much of this is canon? Like, does Amnyfest REALLY love to give blowjobs?

There is only one way you are going to find out, EvilHomer. Assimila... er, watch the show.

But I'm not a Nintendo fan.
A lot of it is kinda canon.

I've tried watching the clips Cena posts on here, but I can't get over how everything in Stevenchu is stolen from the anime shows RebSu watched as a child.

Blowjobs would be in keeping with this established pattern.

infinite zest
Well, the show was originally going to be called Autistic Dildo Users..

Cena - yes, you are. You've often said you like Sega, which is one of Nintendo's major properties.

Nintendo doesn't own Sega. Sega publishes games on Nintendo consoles sometimes, but they're their own company so they release games on whatever systems they want, with the exception of Sega consoles. I'm not a Sega fanboy, I just argue that they had the better console of the 16 bit wars due to its blast processor.

infinite zest
It did what Nintendidn't

That stuff about Amethyst could be canon.

You're right about that, IZ - Nintendidn't go broke, which is what Sega did.

Cena, face it, everything halfway decent that Sega does is published on Nintendo consoles now. Sonic is one of Mario's lesser sidekicks; blast-processing is just something kept in the Military Conquest wing of Ninetndocity's Museum of Antiquities.

Nintendo later did start using blast processing. I know the Game Cube has blast processing, because the Sonic Mega Collection plays pretty smooth in it.

Genesis had Star Control.

We went over this already. You saw the specs. Nintendo was superior in all areas except raw processing speed; Nintendo didn't NEED blast processing, because their hardware was already several generations ahead of Sega.

A good analogy is a race car. Processing speed is like horsepower, but as any Top Gear watcher can tell you, when it comes to building an awesome cock-compensator, horsepower is only a small part of the equation! What truly matters is the power-to-weight ratio, as a vehicle with moderate horsepower but very light weight is vastly superior to a vehicle with high horsepower that's built like a brick. The Genesis was like an over-tuned UPS van; sure it had 800 horsepower, but it was loaded with big bulky boxes and could not keep up with the sleek, aerodynamic, advanced-polymer Nintendo supercar.

Very wee, but the SNES has 3 years to be developed after the Genesis. Of course it had better specs.

It also had better games. Don't forget that.

Either way I'm not a Nintendo fanboy/ autistic. Steven Universe is loved by all kinds of people.

The 16 bit wars was the best ever time for videogames, just as the Monday night wars were the best days to be a wrestling fan, folks can argue who was better WWE/WCW, Nintendo/ Sega, but really it was both rivals that made those eras so special. That's why even Nintendo fanboys like you shouldn't shit on Sega.

The winner of both those wars were the fans. Any who, stop acting like Nintendo killed Sega, when Sony really did them the most damage. Hell, Nintendo could very well be their next victim.

infinite zest
Yeah, the Dreamcast arguably had better games, especially at launch (in the US anyway, the Japanese one was a disaster) but it was the combination of a new gaming system with promising things to come and the added convenience of a system that could play DVDs that pretty much did the Dreamcast in. Once Nintendo came out with the Gamecube it was after DVD players had dropped in price, so nobody necessarily cared about whether or not it could play movies or not, they just cared about the games and Nintendo's vast intellectual property

infinite zest
(oops talking about the PS2, but I'm sure y'all know that)

Your child's video ended up here because you are a terrible parent raising a terrible child.
That guy
^ classic

I don't know if he's trolling or not. The praise for TTG would seem to be trolling, but he sounds very sincere like a kid who watches SU while waiting for TTG to come on. I also like his style of name calling and use of language. My favorite is how he calls Rebecca Sugar "Rebecca Gay", and then saying "Now we're going to do an anal alisis..."

infinite zest
Yeah, ever kid's had to wait through something they didn't want to watch for something they did.. for me it was whatever was on before Ducktales.. I think it was Gummy Bears. Gummy Bears sucks and where's Ducktales. But what I don't get is how the kid hates one show that is pretty much like the other: it's easy to assume that Raven and Starfire are probably swapping Beastboy's come every night after the credits roll. But both shows are action-based and have a similar anime-inspired theme. It'd be like if I said I liked Ducktales but I HATED Tailspin!

To be fair, the Steven Universe fandom is home to a lot of gross weirdos and the sort of aggressively terrible "internet people" who used to flock to stuff like Homestuck.
To be more fair, the Steven Universe fandom is irrelevant to the show's quality, and in fact irrelevant to everything unless you've decided that Tumblr drama should be a driving force in your life.

I did mean to add that doesn't mean this ridiculous child is correct or anything, I hit the submit button before I was finished.

Oh, in that case, I agree totally. Ha ha, children are being raised by 4chan now.

Caminante Nocturno
To be even more fair, fans nowadays have a bigger influence on shows, especially cartoons, than they used to.

Spaceman Africa
this show sucks

Caminante Nocturno
You're not being fair when you say that.

You're on a gross accusatory spree lately!

Yeah, but that influence is blown spectacularly out of proportion by people who are determined not to enjoy anything. Folks on the internet act like the fandom of every show has a gun perpetually to the heads of the production staff, forcing to draw their terrible fanfics into canon.

Whereas in reality that influence extends to maybe sticking a background reference into an episode at the last minute that 98% of viewers won't even notice.

Well, there you have it. If you don't like Steven Universe, you are completely identical to this child. Sorry, I don't make the rules.

Now let's all enjoy a rendition of the Steven Universe theme song.

*Curtain parts to reveal the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra sitting behind me*

*Far to my left, legendary opera singer Jose Carreras stands in the wings waiting to be introduced*

GOOD EVEN- No, wait, wait, wait...

*President Obama and the First Lady take their seats next to the Pope and Salmon Rushdie*

Okay. *clears throat*

GOOD EVENING, FRIENDS AND FOREIGN DIGNITARIES *nods to Justin Trudeau, who winks back at me* TONIGHT WE-

*feed cuts off*
If this is what young nerds think lesbian hentai is, today's children are too sheltered.
Honestly. What the hell.

I think he just throws Hentai around as an insult. He calls Nintendo "hentai" in another video.

I would love to think what those evangelists from the 80s who made those videos calling popular children's TV programs and toys evil, think of this!

They'd probably think it's promotes lesbianism/feminism, as well as "crystal healing" which is a new age/psychic/pseudoscience/alternative medicine thing, which they dismiss as evil.
I kind of miss them. Looking back they were pretty funny, though those assholes did cost me my demonic looking Ghostbuster toys.

I call bias, as this video was clearly narrated by Peridot.
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