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Desc:That thing you care about? This is where it's all headed.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:star trek, hippies, evolution of music technology week, herbert
Submitted:Two Jar Slave
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Comment count is 25
Charles Napier! That's always five stars.

Dude turned into a total Herbert, though.
If all he'd done was this, the Russ Meyer movies and Ernest Goes to Jail he'd have already earned his place in film history as far as I'm concerned.

Especially Ernest and the Russ Meyer stuff.

Cherry, Harry & Raquel! is right up there with Vixen and Up!

That guy
A Herbert is what?

On that episode, "Herberts" were small-minded establishment types.

I forgot about "Herberts," that's a good one to keep handy.

This is what I'm waiting for.

Unfortunately, it'll probably be closer to https://youtu.be/pJ-2V1aHhds?t=1h10m13s
Billy the Poet
Just hijacking this for a second to say that they convicted the guy who killed LotsMoreOrcs. The whole thing is fucking heartbreaking. RIP.
While we're hijacking I'm going to add "there was just another gunfight in front of my apartment 20 minutes ago" to the mix.

Billy the Poet
In St. Denis? Keep your head down, dude. Bonne chance.

Just some gang business with the guys across the street, been going on for a while now but it was quiet most of the time I've lived here until the last couple months.

I'm on the top floor and all the shooting has been away from my apartment, I'm not worried, it just sucks for the neighborhood.

Sounds like there's a helicopter out, they must be serious about this one. Last two didn't even make it onto the police logs, much less into the papers.

Fucking good. Do you have a link and/or happen to know what the sentence was, Billy?

The whole LotsMoreOrcs situation fills me with equal parts sadness and frustration. I find myself asking, wasn't there someone in her life who could offer her a stable and safe place? Or was it that she was looking for something that didn't lend itself to security?

This is hypothetical and even more irrelevant than most hypotheticals, but if I'd had any inkling of her situation, I would have let her crash at my place, at least for a while. Not sure what we'd do about the dog seeing as I've got cats, but I've got a back yard so at least the dog would have somewhere to run around on nice days. Bah, I shouldn't get melancholy over people I never even met first thing in the morning. I just know she deserved better.

I think this is the story.
http://www.nola.com/crime/index.ssf/2015/11/jury_convicts_chri stopher_huts.html

The Mothership
I can't believe this wasn't here already.
I don't believe it.

The whole thing is here but it's dead



Two Jar Slave
That video's comment thread also begins with Bort exclaiming about Charles Napier. Plus a rather magnificent review of the episode, written by Oktay.

It makes me sad, in a way, knowing how much good writing is buried on this site. But it also makes exploration worthwhile.

I will always respond with delight to Charles Napier videos, especially from this episode. This world is not Charles Napy enough.

That's why we have Brian Harrod, to sift the site for us.

I didn't write that, I copy pasted from that other video (which also disappeared.)

But yeah, I thought so too. Good thing I preserved it, huh?

Damn hippies.
Air guitar is strictly prohibited on the bridge.
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