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Desc:He-Man and extra-wacky Skeletor go to the future in this oft-forgotten relaunch.
Category:Cartoons & Animation
Tags:He-Man, Skeletor, Masters of the Universe, the 1990s
Submitted:Kid Fenris
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Comment count is 22
Spit Spingola
I thought this was going to be the 2002 He-Man reboot. No way am I going to watch the whole thing, but I had no idea this existed. They're looking very anime...
The design reminds me a little of Chronicles of Lodoss War with a little El-Hazard (in the shape of the insectoid ship) thrown in.

Caminante Nocturno
The first thing I thought was "this looks really French," and I was right.

Rodents of Unusual Size
This sucks so bad. It really irritates me that he "comes out" as He-Man to his parents when his mother made it known to him that she fucking knew her son was He-Man when she freed Adam alone from Skeletor in the episode where she showed off her piloting skills. Yes, this bothers me. His mother was fucking smart. Not like this...ugh.

The French ruin everything. He even lost his fucking gay leather strap outfit and tanline as He-Man. Fuck you, French animators! You took everything wonderful and gay that is He-Man and made it suck. He looks no different from Adam! And Skeletor doesn't look scary. He looks like he should be hoarding sugary cereal of some kind.

infinite zest
Yeah the scene with the council of crystals that communicates amongst themselves via light reminds me of a similar scene in Gandahar, or Light Years as I knew it growing up. It's still He Man and I've never cared much for him, but I'm surprised that I'd never heard of this, since 1990 was pretty much my 8 year old Saturday Morning Cartoon peak.

Kid Fenris
It was apparently on TV for only a few months back in 1990, which is surprising for a cartoon that had the full syndication run of 65 episodes.

infinite zest
Our comments overlapped! Like I said I didn't really follow He Man, but have vague memories of it. So Adam was like his Clark Kent or something? From what I recall everybody already knew that, kind of like Goku in Dragon Ball Z: "no that can't possibly be Goku, this person has blonde hair." If it was that easy I'd just bleach my hair, shave my beard and stop paying my electric bill. "Well no, PGE, IZ has brown hair. Just because I live where he does doesn't mean I'm him. But if I see him I'll let him know that he's 3 months late."

In 80s He-Man, Adam and his alter-ego He-Man looked EXACTLY the same, the only difference being the outfits they wore (He-Man was a leather and fur barbarian and Adam wore white, pink, and purple), the fact that He-Man was tan and Adam was pale, and the fact that Adam was more than a little effeminate and He-Man was butch.

Pokemon? Mumm-Ra? Dungeon Master? GI Joe Background Character Diver?
The power of the good!
The way of the magic!
The lisp of the pigtails!
1:24-1:26 and loop it.
you are a dirty old man

Hah! These are yours.

Caminante Nocturno
This Skeletor walked right out of a Superjail episode.
Oh, life in Eternia ain't what it used to be
You know the Way of the Magic don't make much sense to me
With Battle Cat in tow
I'm getting away from Orco
I'm going home
(which is the future or something)
I'm going home!

infinite zest
just fucking take them *****************************************8

I enjoyed this greatly when I was their target audience.. A CHILD.
It's true, their target audience was a child. And that one child loved it.

Later, someone explained to them why that wasn't a viable business model but by then it was too late.

Caminante Nocturno
And that one child grew up to be...

... Barack Obama.

I always liked this one better

What the hey, is this Skeletor's face supposed to be a mask or something?
That setup is a crazy blatant ripoff of The Last Starfighter.

The resolution is a crazy blatant ripoff of Thundercats.
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