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Desc:The creators go as blatently as they can to say 'Leave kids things to kids'
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:nostalgia, Teen Titans Go!, manchildren, dark and broody
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Comment count is 38
So they wind up recreating the Joker?
What they did was jump straight from Adam West to Jared Leto.

infinite zest
I like how this show gets away with so much shit-talking about the DC universe. I'm guessing this episode has a similar premise as the one where they decide to get dark and broody themselves. Batman is always some alcoholic single dad-esque character to Robin who still looks up to him, and the whole premise of Teen Titans is kind of shat upon when Robin explains why the last Teen Titans all died.

@MM, Adam West?

Sanest Man Alive
Adam West is indisputably a clown.

The best part of this episode is when they tell Raven she has no right to complain about grownups consuming children's entertainment because she's a Brony.
infinite zest
voiced by Twilight Sparkle no less!

Binro the Heretic
Raven wasn't complaining about adults consuming kids' entertainment so much as adults taking over kids' entertainment and wanting to make it more appealing to adults.

She likes "Pretty Pretty Pegasus" exactly the way it is, even if it is a kids' show.

The problem with these jabs is that we're not asking them to make Teens Titans edgy. We just want a show that balances action and comedy the way the old one did. The new show sucking has nothing to do with age, just that the new show sucks. The old Teen Titans is still watchable after all these years.

DC has decided that balance is evil. Superhero cartoons for kids must be goofy plotless wackiness and superhero movies for grownups must be so grimdark that the Joker is a cannibal juggalo, Superman snaps necks and Batman tortures people.

Also, due to a last-minute rewrite, the Suicide Squad now consists of five guys who are severely depressed and have been given razors. It's like that one joke in Life of Brian except it's two hours long.

Cena - I've never watched the old Teen Titans, because I am neither a kid nor a manchild, but this clip is both clever and entertaining. Was the old Teen Titans this insightful, too? Could it be that you are simply misremembering how bad the old Teen Titans was, because you were a child when it first aired?

I can relate to the message which Teen Titans Go is attempting to relay here; I used to be a huge fan of the original Ninja Turtles cartoon, but some years back, I tried re-watching a few of the old episodes I can remember enjoying... and, well, it turns out the show was pretty stupid.

I didn't get into the original Titans until I was in college, so childhood glazing was not a factor. The original TT was great no matter one's age.
The idiots who make this show know the original was great, they even list the reasons why it was in this clip.
But then they go right into the clown metaphor.

So pretty much they acknowledge that the original show was awesome, but they just like trolling the fans. That's proabably why you like it. It's a show made by trolls for trolls.

"Idiots"?! That clip you just linked to was cleverer even than GQ's original submission!

Obviously, Teen Titans Go is too high-concept and meta for you guys.

This whacky kid's shit isn't canon so it fucking sucks or something

It sucks cause it's not funny. I enjoy wacky kid's shit. Gumball and Clarence do wacky kid's shit right. TTG does it without being funny, while shitting on a beloved show that we'd like to see get a legit reboot.

It doesn't have to be funny! It's edifying and uplifting; anyone can "be funny", but TTG are taking things even further, deconstructing the superhero genre through wackiness.

Besides, the clip you linked has a really funny visual gag, the part where the pony's plot looks like its breaking through the TV!

Maybe you dorks can submit some of the "best" parts from oldschool-manchild-Teen Titans. People keep talking about it like it was the second coming of Samurai Jack or something, but I doubt that very much.

Also, oddeye - aren't all incarnations of DC-owned media "canon", but only so far as their own universe is concerned? Serious question; I don't know all that much about the American manga industry, but my impression has always been that the multiverse approach favored by DC was meant to keep stories both canon, and contained.

I don't fucking know

The TTG characters even agree with me.

infinite zest
I never watched the old TT but I remember reading a few of the comics and they always felt like an afterschool special or something. In one, Starfire confronts Cyborg about using a word to define her which is pretty much her planet's version of the N-word, so it's OK for them to say to each other, but not for others. That's a good lesson and then they go on some adventures but I never got into it, so a wacky irrelevant reboot is fine with me.

That's clever too, Cena.

Let me put it another way, then: can you find me any examples of TTG where the show ISN'T clever and/or amusing? Submit some the "worst" parts of TTG, so we can see what the big deal is.


Hey. Hey, Cena.


Seriously, every clip you show me makes TTG look more and more awesome. That bit goes on *just* long enough, Twilight Sparkle's punchline at the end there was perfect, and LOOK AT THE YOUTUBE COMMENTS. My God! The people who made this show are subversive geniuses.

infinite zest
This one's not as funny out of context, but it makes sense since they annoyed the other Titans by only saying "Waffles" that they decided to go on a mission without them, and being 2 Titans down immediately get captured. It enforces the basic values of teamwork, even when you don't want to. Also I think this episode was the introduction of Painbot, who says nothing but "All I know is pain" and later becomes their pet or something.

Funny without context, funny with context; man, these TTG writers sure know what's what. Kids today are so lucky.

I guess I'll just have to chalk this up to your tastes in shitty cartoons. This ALMOST tops your love of Sailor Moon.

Waffles? Waffles waffles!

infinite zest

infinite zest
Also you might appreciate this one (sorry audio's so out of sync)


infinite zest
Also I like the Breaking Bad reference in this clip. Somehow I managed to miss that the first time I watched this.

I appreciate the sentiment here, but everything I've seen of Teen Titans Go! has been pretty boring and stupid.
Ahh, an opportunity to shit on this. Neat.
Shit on it then dammit! It's a terrible cartoon. The worst. We deserve better!

i'm the smug jort's dewlap that will be five starring this for their dexter's lab outfits
Sanest Man Alive
As a bonus, take this exact argument and replace "clown" with "The Doctor".
infinite zest
Did the doctor ever get all dark and broody though? Or do you mean Doctor House?

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