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Desc:The crew watches a cooking show from the Delta quadrant.
Category:Arts, Classic TV Clips
Tags:star trek, TNG, voyager, gazorra, Neelix
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Comment count is 11
Ouch, was this really the same guy as the other TNG edits?

The charm to those was letting the actors do 90% of the work with just enough clever edits.

ALF + Star Trek = LOL falls pretty short of that mark
This is bad for a TNG edit-- but the other few new ones are a little better. Glad to see him back after 5 years
It used to be a duo - this guy and Andrew Hussie. Hussie's busy and moved on to more lucrative things via the Kickstarter and Hot Topic route so I'm guessing this is a product of it being completely solo.

Ah, so the Zucker Bros. / Jim Abrahams effect.

infinite zest
It's funny, I wrote a screenplay for a show that will probably never get made that was pretty much like this, including ALF. It was great when we were all cold and passing ideas back and forth in a small house, usually drunk, but when I tried to write them when people moved out I was just high or drunk or whatever and laughing at my own shit with nobody else, not so much. But unlike this guy and Andrew, one of the guys works at the Fund for the Public Interest and bothers you at suppertime, and the other one's transvestite rap career never got off the ground, so I think I win. In case you're reading this fuck you both.

Works a lot better if you start at 0:43.
Two Jar Slave
Not his best work.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Fucking fantastic.
It could have been a little better if they had spliced in Cooking with Gourmanda from the Star Wars Holiday Special instead.
infinite zest
I'm not feeling this one, but I do like that Night Court bassline. :(
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