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Desc:The message of this video is a little muddled...anyone?
Category:Religious, Educational
Tags:mormon, track and field, hard to find mormon video week, important life lesson, magic wine
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Comment count is 9
That guy - 2016-01-10
I don't even
That guy - 2016-01-10
Wine is so wicked that if you DON'T drink it, the absence of it gives you superpowers??

infinite zest - 2016-01-10

http://www.theonion.com/video/study-americans-get-majority-of- exercise-while-dru-18198

Oscar Wildcat - 2016-01-10
Jesus blood never failed me yet, you heathen bastards.
infinite zest - 2016-01-10
whatevez Drunky McDrunk a lot.

infinite zest - 2016-01-10
I like the Committed ASL Guy and his signage for trailing off.
infinite zest - 2016-01-10
Back when I was in high school my swim team coach would take us all out to the Old Spaghetti Factory the night before a big meet to carb up on all-you-can-eat Spaghetti. I just took one plate and didn't eat it and smoked weed and I won almost every heat while everybody else had spaghett-carbi hangovers.
Raggamuffin - 2016-01-11
Coach drank so much he saw the whole race in still-frame.
Killer Joe - 2016-01-11
I married a southern girl in a tee-totaling christian denomination, and they had a similar understanding of booze. One drop and you were a hopeless addict, with only pain and the emptiness of an existence without god to look forward to.
Then she got out of the south, and her tiny-ass town, and saw that people can drink, have fun, and not be abusive, godless pagans after.
She also had a friend that went the whole christian "Be a kissless virgin on purpose till marriage" route, went to a christian college, met some chick, mistook infatuation for love, can't fuck unless you get married, so married her after a whirlwind courtship, as in a few months that they knew each other, had awkward (I assume) sex, knocked her up, had a kid and have now realized they have nothing in common and hate each other.
But divorce is evil, so they have a long grinding life of emotional isolation and constant temptation to look forward to. The kid will be better for it!
And hey, no STDs!
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