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Desc:From her hacked Icloud footage freshly hoisted on the Chan. She is getting hit hard apparently :(
Category:Crime, Crime
Tags:andy kaufman, bit, Pupinia Stewart
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Comment count is 21

none of you have even the remotest of chances

you're probably right,

kids these days.
Monkey Napoleon
Am I being trolled? Like, did anybody here ever actually think she wasn't playing a character?

Probably not, because you guys are the same people who thought CWC was a character like 5 years in.
infinite zest
I knew she was playing a part, but now I'm confused too; were her other videos supposed to be someone with DS or some other Intellectual Disability? I've said it before but that's typical playground humor, and usually the kids grow up and realize what they said or made fun of was wrong, so I'm not gonna fault her on this. But maybe one of these days she'll grow up herself.


Gotta collect myself...little shaken...that wasn't very PC...

Gonna have to write this one out! Make some sense of it.

I feel better now.

I wish I had my stars for DS and your capitalization of the word Retard

You don't have a mate with downs do you

The what is going with the what, now?
sharing hacked private stuff of kids is gross.
Awwww man I totally wanted to harass this teenager for making silly videos on the internet! Now she is just joking around???!!!!
"freshly hoisted on the Chan"

fuckin shoot me. nobody is mentally stable enough to be a teenage girl on youtube.
Just for the record I don't condone what happened to her bf or what is currently happening to her.

Wow three stars for all the one stars

The comments are hilarious FUCK YOU PETUNIA I HAVE A MATE WITH DOWN SYNDROME can you just imagine three pieces of shore ditch human garbage sitting in the pub with a mongoloid and NOT BEING ABLE TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE.

Also fuckers she is inked up so likely at least 18
I was assuming as much. This is also a crowd that never objected (1 star objected) to any of CWC. That's clearly a more vulnerable person. I think this site is getting soft or something.

It went from being a hardened abdominal wall to the slack pouch beneath the pale underbelly itself sometime anywhere from the mid to late 2000s depending on who you ask. The rise of reddit and its confluence of dogooder politically correctness and wimpy indecisive dithering on the Internet hive mind radiated over with increasing spikes of intensity and edge dulled. However YOU have power on p o e TV to use your votes as political and ideological force of violence so I urge you all to do so as much as you can

Maybe we've learned something. Cwc is actually the perfect strawman for your argument because I'll bet you there's not a user on this site that would look back at his case and describe it as anything other than a complete fucking tragedy.

And orcs, whichever orc you are...just...oh man. I don't know if you wrote that after your third cotton shot of the evening but I can't even begin to....

where's evilhomer. whip something up in no less than 7 paragraphs so I don't have to, would ya.
Third cotton shot I live in a million dollar lakeside home but keep dreaming them studio apartment dreams

To be fair I will upload a guided mtv cribs style tour on Vimeo when I have time

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