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Desc:Controlled by Greedy Corporations and Oil Companies.
Category:Science & Technology, Horror
Tags:ufo, Gang stalking, birds and the bees
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Jet Bin Fever
controlled by greedy corporations and oawl companies
They could at least pay us with moon money.
I feel bad for you, you are clearly suffering from mental illness.

I have seen and been in contact with UFO, you are just mentally ill, nothing more.

rebeleye13 32 minutes ago
And with that STABFACE wins this round of YouTube comment Bingo


This is the voice of World Control to Team Epsilon-6 Minor, subject is aware of surveilance, enact countermeasures. This is the voice of World Control.

These gangstalking videos always remind me of my cousin I shall refer to by his first inital, E., who was the super of an apartment building - he discovered one of the tenants was a nutjob, a fiftyish guy who lived in an spartan apartment that's walls were lined with neatly arranged shelves full of VHS tapes. He would go around the neighborhood and spend hours filming footage on his camcorder and compulsively watch many of these tapes over and over. He attempted to draw E. into his crazy world (like he had tried to with his fellow tenants from some of the stories they told E.) by explaining to him through direct conversation and typewritten letters that a cabal of invisible vampires ran their city and had him under constant surveileance; you could only see them on media like film and videotape, though.
Reverse vampires who only show up in the day! On film! And they spit blood at you!

Given the mundane shit these people post as evidence of just about every paranoid fantasy they have, it'd probably be more interesting to see what DOESN'T constitute UFO activity to this person.

And from the comments:

"classic dual bird hologram 
ricki388 6 days ago"

Wait, "classic?" When did "dual bird hologram" become a trope among the mentally ill?
http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/01935/Russia-visa_1935 585b.jpg

What I want to know is when did "dual bird hologram" replace "Rods".

Doesn't anyone else remember that?

They did television shows on it for god sakes, hosted by none other than Jonathan Frakes.

Morgellons disease

I remember roswellrods.com and the documentaries that came out of it. Rods were cooler than orbs.

Couldnt resist...
I think this video comes from uranus.
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