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Desc:Donald Trump is repeatedly interrupted by protesters at a rally Monday in Radford, Virginia
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:donald trump, mexican people, Trump 2016, our next president
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Comment count is 12
Wow. Louis CK was right: This shit really *has* stopped being funny.

Stop it, America. Just stop it.
Monkey Napoleon
It never started being funny.

To a media outlet, being ironically interested in a candidate for your amusement is indistinguishable from supporting that candidate.

Looks mostly pathetic. The last death throes of a racist demographic.

I've finally been paying to the election. Rubio and Kasich are going to drop out. All those votes will go to Cruz.

I'm most concerned that if Hillary wins the Dems she'll lose against Cruz.

Cruz scares me the most. I just think Trump's shit is an act. Trump knows what he needs to be to win the GOP nomination.

Binro the Heretic
There was a time when it was funny, back in those very early days when I thought Trump was just doing it to trick idiots into paying good money to attend one of his rallies.

I thought all the outrageous behavior was his way of shooting his own campaign in the foot to make himself unelectable so he could drop out of the race. I didn't think he actually wanted to be President.

Now, I don't know what the fuck this asshole is up to.

Maybe if Trump doesn't get the nomination, his supporters will withhold from voting.


Trump has been *allowed* to go so far because theoretically he's scaring people away from Sanders, who is the real threat.

Hilary is the hand they want on the veto pen.

"All lives matter." The cry of racists who refuse to understand anything outside their bubbles.
Well, all lives except Mexicans of course. Duh.

Those black bars behind him make it look like he's in a professional wrestling ring...

He's going to make America Great Britain Again.
PoeTV, I am torn.

I don't want the xenophobic billionaire reality show clown to get nominated. But I definitely do not want the theocratic alien in human skin to get the nomination either. I've developed a habit of Googling the primary results every night, hoping, praying to whatever that Cruz isn't surpassing Trump in delegates. Then I feel ashamed because I'm rooting for Trump.

Either candidate is going to clash with the geriatric alleged criminal succubus, and at that point I can only hope that these GOP circus acts are the desperate cries of animals as they breathe their last choked gasps in the woods. Who is the lesser of two evils here? Of three?
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