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Desc:Spike TV's dreadful 2004 attempt at a timely conservative comedy!
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Horrible cartoon infinity, Conservative humor, spike tv
Submitted:Kid Fenris
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Comment count is 29
Ho. Ly. Shit.

I remember Spike TV promoted the hell out of this show. They bragged about how it was going to be the new South Park, the right-wing voice that comedy had been waiting for.

It lasted three episodes.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
This is worse than a late term abortion.
Sanest Man Alive
You had me at "conservative comedy." Now please let go, you're hurting my arm.
You know you're in for Poeworthy material when "conservative comedy" appears unironically.

Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Better or worse than FOR....THE....RECORD!?
Born in the RSR
I'd say much better.

That For the Record guy is on my top 5 un-listenable voices of PoeTV exhibits. It's like having your ears scraped with a cheese grater made of smug.

If Molotov Mitchell ever gets killed by bears, I am converting to Christianity with no questions asked. Now, it will be one of those barely denominations, minimum Christianity, but it will be Christianity nonetheless.


I wont do anything for this cartoon.

So maybe For the Record is worse?

I'm still mad at him for calling me "Cina-bun".

This cartoon completely justifies 9-11.

9-11-1777 when the British won the Battle of Brandywine Creek.
This is like worse than any of the failed Comedy Central attempts at "original" animated programming around the same time.
Maggot Brain
uhg... Two black jokes right of the bat followed by twenty minutes of nothing.
I like how he has a black friend who only has one facial expression and never says or does anything except quietly approve of Douchebag's antics. He's like the result of a conservative focus group that was given the task, "design your ideal black person."

I was thinking it was going to be just a bunch of mean spirited kicking down jokes, but after the first little bit there were no jokes at all.

Crab Mentality
God damn. This show makes "American Dad" look like finely crafted, well thought-out political satire.

If anyone can't manage to watch all of this garbage, be sure to at least see his speech at the 19 minute mark.
"American Dad" abandoned political humor in like the 1st season

That speech.. was it meant to make him look like a douchebag? Because that's what it did.

Jimmy Labatt
Sorry man, I lasted 2 minutes, and I want those back.

That guy
Even the sound design is terrible, almost as if a bunch of people turned down the job, or the post sound people didn't give a fuck.
Seven Arts/H8 Red
I remember Spike's feed always sounding that over-loud and tinny back then. It's a perfect representation of the quality of the channel.

Crab Mentality
I just remembered my favorite part about this- we've added to the view of this video. It's been on youtube for nearly 3 years now, and when I first checked it in the hopper, it had a whopping 34 views. Nice find, Kid Fenris.
Makes those grounded videos look like high art.
Caminante Nocturno
This might be the most embarrassing thing to ever come out of Spike TV, but I wouldn't be surprised if it weren't.
Sanest Man Alive
To really determine that, you'd have to cast such a wide net on that dogshit ocean that you'd simply pull yourself under for trying to reel it in.

Who gave this a green light? Who? Who works in television and commissioned this and then AIRED it?
Seven Arts/H8 Red
From Wikipedia: "The show was co-created by comedian Steve Marmel and former Nickelodeon executive Kevin Kay" - Kay having joined TNN/Spike TV in 2003. Kay's now the president of Spike TV (http://www.spike.com/press/network-info/kevin-kay/).


Born in the RSR
His nickname is The King of All Men or "Cue Card Boy" from his days on Late Night with David Letterman.

Jesus, what cunts.

Ask yourselves this: Why was Kennedy killed? Who benefited? Who has the power to cover it up? Who?

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