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Desc:2015 was apparently an exciting year in ramen.
Tags:Ramen, Heart Disease, nothing happens, acid reflux, exactly what you expect
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Comment count is 11
This even exists.
And has a theme song!

Oscar Wildcat
You are what you eat!
"the whole room just opened up"
"huge sashays full of taste"

"it hit all the right notes"

Maggot Brain
Not my favorite ramen reviewer.
The Ramen Rater is a great website, and exhaustive. His reviews set the bar for the rating of instant ramens.
"Of all time of 2015"
I struggled to get my head around that and then considered what he probably meant but I cared too little to matter.

I saw the top ramen of all time at one of my local Asian markets today. They actually advertise with this accolade using a sticker on the packaging.

Seeing the "top ramen of all time 2014" right next to "top ramen of all time 2015" created a causality loop and I ended up buying both.

2015 isn't bad....like a nice Thai curry with a shit ton of lime, and a light chemical aftertaste.
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